Tuesday, June 15, 2010

hit the link........digs

why? It's sooooooooooooooo RAD man! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew into the woods of PA.....
The motherland of TRAILS!

don't piss Jimbro off, or else...help out with your local scene ie lismore needs more of ya time......you kno the drill!

Now this Saturday 8am is yet another work bee @ Lismore, the forecast looks good for digging & not so good for riding. So it would be dam good if more locals pulled finger & turn't up this week, Dan's getting the loader again so we can up size the last landing (8th) on MOTO, plus we need to build up the 7th landing ie finish what you started kids, dail in the 1st berm not to mention there's still a heap of packing that needs to be done ie sides of new stuff. An plenty a sweeping & cleaning up to do....so it's not all hard work GET INVOLVED! Bring flatheads, rakes & shovels

we sooo need to build one of these @ Lismore soon, Jems roast'in a sweet pocket in France. Photo by Pom Pom

Marley's gonna be 5 on Sunday, that's my boy off to school buddy,1 down 2 to go haha!

Ewok blast'in a small Mt. in Roxbourgh the home of Jimmy's pies mm mmmmm

summer's only 4 months away....bring it back!

Mikey blasting his local bowl in Belgium

time to sweep the leaves up then?

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