Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Sion enjoy'in his native Woods of Wales, what its all about after a winters worth a diggin, roast'in in spring but sadly Keesh trails are gone R.I.P. & Sion's now on his way back to Wanaka NZ to get his dig on. See you Welsh ratties soon!

a few pic's got sent my way this week, cheers guys! An the new LISMORE WORK NIGHT's start this friday 2nd July & every other friday thru winter, ride till dark then we crank the lights an get it done since everyone wants to go play in the snow on the weekends. So come help out it's not a school night kids. Bring tools if you can & dress warm right!

Jems with yet another sweet edit of Deluxe rider Pom pom chill'in @ la source, awesome vid! An check this out bowl to be a trail if you havn't already.

plenty a strawberrys at these Swiss trails, Claudio's digs are looking fun!

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