Thursday, July 1, 2010

trails TV? yes fun fun...

thanks to Jared it's trails TV time can you not have fun fun fun at trails trails trails aye? Both vids are filmed at the same trails on the same day if you didn't notice GOODTIMES! Yes it's normal to dig dig dig more than you get to ride over winter. It's the sweet reward for all the hard hard hard work over winter a dam good summer with loads to roast up! Dig trails! Summers not too far off really.......70-90 days'ish & it's spring, it's gonna be so good to ride ride ride in cut off's again. So happy dig dig dig dig digging diggers!!

an here's a little more inspirational goodness

check out LIFE, it's so worth living.

how many more times can ya watch/dream about these rad PA trails? Infinite times oooooh yes! Marky T kick's ass for sure an so does Bon Jovi hahha! "save the woods" is still up there on top & watched at least twice weekly by me still it's just so dam RAD! PA WOODS......the mother land a trails! Slattery & the Nutter also shred don't ya think! Love ya work Janis! hint hint........again & again & again..........

trails around the bowls this is a idea i like! Imagine the 3rd "Tim Hales Wanaka Shredaton 2011" set up with trails around the bowls/park here.........i don't think the QLDC (council) will be into it tho or will they?

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