Thursday, July 15, 2010

winter, u dig more than u ride

b4 dialing in some.....
after a few test runs.....

yup the title say's it all, you should be diggin more than you ride this time a year or your priorities are in the wrong place.....think a summer man it ain't far off. Check the low ghetto quality vid filmed by a french dude who happens to be dam good mates & used to race BMX with Cedric Carcia, cheers Vince more kiwi beer at mine tomorrow hahhaa! A bit fix'in d last trany on moto after test runs while it's not frozen solid down here! I Will be lbuilding up & lip'in up the last & 2nd to last on MOTO next week....but it'll do for now, hit it up! Had a few rewarding rolls d 2 day, it's the middle a winter & soooooo good to be in cut offs. Big up's to Kris & his digger 4 rip'n a stump out chur chur bro! Marley gotta to ride in the digger, he was psyched!

On to a safty issue, see the pic's below lads, see that bunting/saftey tape! Please do not cross thru the tape/MOTO/bigline any line for that matter unless your planning your own funeral, I had a near death expereince ridine Moto on Sunday with a dude who's old enough to kno better, an yes every does cross thru, one deadly bad habit so SAFTY 1st! So from now on please enter Lismore from the top ie beginner line (3rd line from your right if your looking down from the top will get you to the mainlines roll in) a fence will be built soon but till then the tape stays! If you are a lismorelocal spread the word & tell anyone who does cut thru NOT TO! Thanks.

everything apart for the fin has been fixed up since the vandals fuct shit up a few nights back, we still don't kno who did it...i hope we find out! Then it's our turn a for pay back, i say a good old fashioned public stoning is needed, there's plenty a rocks around Lismore!

buy NZ made "Atlas trade" i just got a brand new numba 2 for free yup it cracked my old trusty a little, the good 'ol 12 year warranty it came with is the shit, no questions asked & i didn't even have my receipt, psyched as!

man down/digger down/rider down! I just found out Ewok blew his ankle to bits, the pic say's it all, what i call a"swankle", he blew it up, keep on riding then found out it's broken in 5 places, you battler, rest up & heal ice baby & get on to the herbals! All the best. The hottie on all 4's is for you! Bottums up, almost a full moon to.

Issac aka Ground Chuck...4130% trails legend! RESPECT!! Seen on LIFE? If i'm right it's shot at POSH in the early days a bit after PUSH got flattened, someone let me kno if i'm right!

Cater hard at it from down in hole, you boys are charging that red gold! RESPECT!! Rhysty's so right "If this doesn't get you stoked to pick up a shovel, Then not much will". soo soo tru. Pic's stolen of none other than BACKBONE BMX....yup they be well PSYCHED on stack'in it up!

a bunch a pins & stickers turn't up from Mike @ Wasted Youth today, so if ya keen on some let me know, if u don't dig don't bother ask'in me! The 3rd Issue a CASE is out! There in my bag & if ya anywhere else in NZ leave a comment if ya can prove ya dig with ya address.

now this is just crazy, Thai loves his Salmon fish'in, Grizzly's do also, he's in the middle of Alaska somewhere on his home turf catching his dinner & he rekons " just give them some space & your sweet they only want the salmon" OK fuck that haha & he even has time to take pic's of 'em MAD! Well it's not a solo mish.

Photo of the week hahhaa 1 wanaka cop & 2 locals taking the piss, look closely you can see why, does mr blue boy look stoned to you?

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caleb said...

yo jimmy id love a coppy of comprestion. and yea thats posh in that old photo, cool to see.