Sunday, July 25, 2010

dig'in 'n'chill'in

After a week a not riding due fine weather, digging & working a few nights i had a super chill'in day dialing & making stuff look nice @ Lismore with a couple a local loyal diggers Hunter & Ollie. The reward, well a sweet as sesh in the arvo, we even took a few pics which is unusual for us hahahah!.......Goodtimes, you reap what you sow! WORD! On a digs tip the last 2 on Moto /bigline ie 7th/8th are not running as we started working on the roller/bomb hole b4 the 7th lip to lengthen the trany some (2nd to last) it shouldbe running by next weekend rains due tuseday, perfect! Cheers to John, Cam, Fozz & Emerson for help'in out on Saturday! DIGS!!!!!!

Emerson @ his local d Gorge with TJ
A big take it easy & get well goes out to Emerson who tested the fresh 7th lip on moto 1st, your a beast mang, an one hell of a test pilot, no bitch run, just straight over it, but not so lucky, thank fuck for helmets aye! WEAR ONE! Catch ya next weekend dude. This hottie's for you...but don't let the miss'es see HA!

u can't miss those lips hahahhaha!

from this....
to this.....hahaha riding into trees is better than hug'in 'em? Yeah right........scary shit on a lively numba 5, it's alive...big ol left hip on moto, nothing like seeing how hi ya can blast shit to lay'in it down in the 1st don't over shoot/go too wide on the landing.
That tree jumped out at me i......

don'task me what the dudes are say'in but the riding says it all! Poached off Build The Woods

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