Thursday, July 29, 2010

do u have it yet?

Bonjour ler dirty trails luving diggers this fresh in from that french fry'in ler roaster Jems is ler Compression intro, one of the most musically creative intros I've ever seen to kick off a rad as hell hour full sweet beautiful trails footy from all over frog & snail eating France with a little UK & Belgium radness thrown in for good measure! Get a copy HERE, this dvd is 100% trails culture & lifestyle....get a copy, stay inspired & keep on stacking it up! DIG TRAILS!

ler banos trails are dope, luv'in ler landing berm tranny rollercoaster ride, more a this rad spot in Compression, so buy it!

A short trip around London with the Belgium crew.
Only did 4 days of riding but is was worth it.

this is the life?

these 2 look strangely the same, with the same plan to enslave man & both fake as from fictitious beginnings.

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