Sunday, January 31, 2010

derelict dvd is out!

If you've checked out any of Dave Kings vids online you'll kno how dope they are, stoney's wood has gotta be one of my fav's! So get ya hands on a copy of the latest DVD from Derelict BMX filmed and edited by Dave King. Main Feature: 22 minute Summer 09 Video plus bonus sections!

£10.00 - Postage is free
Available to buy now at:

deluxe loot & NZ dvd premier

right o then here's a sneak peak at the Deluxe loot for the Stony Hills Trail Jam, who knows what we'll do with it but some fortunate dudes will be leaving with it all so big up's to Mike @ kickass for sending 'em! Mark Noble who own's Deluxe is a all round wood dweller, rad dude & hating the UK winter right now (the cold as F*#K part any way)! Mark's sending a copy or 2 of the brand spanking new not even out yet "Welcome to Deluxe" get in - dvd, so it looks like well have a digi projector & a screen up in the trees @ stony to premier the traily goodness this dvd is bound to be loaded with, Cheers heaps Mark, i'm sure i'm not the only one psyched on this man! If ya want get deluxe in NZ check out T White's Bikes. Enjoy summer

Monday, January 25, 2010

2nd T.H.W.S. 20Tim, what air........bag?

oh yeah! Tim Hales R.I.P.s

it's the year 20Tim & Tim's floatin while some little kid does a haka?

get loaded, load up ya wheels & get on the road to Wanaka soon mang!

right o then i can't keep a secret at all HA! Anyway now that's behind us here's a tease (check the vid below it's a laugh) of what's i'm 98% sures gonna be beside Wanaka's skank park for the 2nd Annual "TIM HALES WANAKA SHREDATON" 20th March 20tim (2010)! More info as it comes, pic's of the loot up for grabs as it arrives! So big BIG ups to all the rad sponsors for supporting the shredaton, you kno who you are, i'll get the flyer to ya asap!!

So lock it in, get to wanaka for a good 'ol sunny daze worth of frang'in it around our sweet park, help raise funds for the new extentions & remember one hell of a rad dude Tim Hales! The gorge road jam is on the 13th March a week b4! Yup where is that T.H.W.S. 20Tim flyer...only days i procrastinate or what! The mainland way man...goodthings take time! Big Thanks also go out to Luke Batchelor for the pic's of Tim Hales, cheers man! Now go roast some dirt! Braaaaup!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

rad as hell!

every dam good trails vid i stumble upon the webternet some other dirt posessed trail heads been there hahaha, which i gotta say is a rad thing in itself! Dig & roast it up you lovers of clay!

this looks fun

cool vid, cool tune & fun lines!

Friday, January 22, 2010

digs & stuff

Mikey's digs in a Belgian fungi smurf infested wood somewhere?

same digs dif angle & there's some lines going on...dig on Mikey...see ya soon ya wee ripper!

Tim Hales having a rad as hell time in pipe heaven & don't for get 2nd "Tim Hales Wanaka Shredaton" 20th march 2010...yeah i kno where's the flyer, it'll drop asap& there's gonna be one hell of a fun suprise! Here's a hint you can get stupidly crazy & try insnae trickery if ya up to it & it's full of air?.....yup keep guess'in!

Hidz thrown'in his arms out @ the gorge

the Fu beastie...if only ya could hear this little beast, you would be afraid! HA!

2.35 Sergio phatness mm mmmmmm love'in this rubber, i got a phatty over it, you should get a phatty too for your own devil machine @ backbone bmx mang they're super psyched on dig'in jumps to mang!

oh yeah only 5 weeks out till the "Stony Hills Trail Jam" & loot is turning up mm mmmmm a few tease'in pic's soon & don't forget if ya gonna turn up for this trails etiquette is a must Lets just say i'm weting my pants & drooling over some sweet loot! Enjoy summer mang it's cranking.... an dam it's been 3 years since guiri & i lost this spot! Life's a dig so we dig on... trails 4 life! An hoooly i seen this a week ago the new camp woodward with an asian twist, pretty gnarly...i guess they'll have some dirt too no doubt, an one seen the plans?

Monday, January 18, 2010

on the road again, yeehaa...back out on that.....

oh yeah backbone is rad & this skull is gona look so good in a tree at stony!

i stare at this everyday! Read it & live it up!

Saddle Hill lurkin in the background, nearly there..but were are all the sheep gone?

crazy weather & picnic's, Marley & lil' D chill'in, Matukituki river mouth, Wanaka

nature's calling 1/2 way pit stop above Ida & Manuhurikia Valley's

I just got back from a few days hang'in @ stony hills with HD & Ewok, a bita new stuff to finish up on was partially built that'll send ya back up the return line with a bit speed, H got busy in the digger an dug/rammed/pulled out one hell of a dam big/deep tree stump, fun to watch..the earth was shak'in an in the process i thought stony was about to get it's 1st dirt bowl hahaha! Dope weather & goodtimes, we'll let ya kno how were gonna run the Stony Hills Trail Jam in a few days & drop a few fresh pic's of the dubs in a few i guess the location of stony will be up here a week or 2 b4 the jam..then removed straight after it all goes down! Oh yeah big ups to Rhys & Tyson @ backbone...cheers for the supporting the "stony hills trail jam" & happy digging dudes! Shake & bake yo!

an this vid is rad! Enjoy

trail blazing in 2009.. every one has to watch trail blazing good luck finding it.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

bit a footy.....

the gorge is roll'in real good! Rolled it last night with a few boys, moist & sticky so sooooo fun, goodtimes. Here's a short little shitty cheap low quality vid of a few chill rolls thru snakey between digging a couple nights back plus some early 09 footage i forgot i had of Mikey play'in in the new Queenstown bowl, that bowl is sooo smooth & a bit a Gorge road to finish on from march 09 somtime?

riders: Hunter, Jimmy, Mikey, Wes, Lowell, Nath, Ricky, Barney & Karl

Monday, January 11, 2010

flipside goodtimes!

stumbled upon this nice little treat with a good 'ol "Good Times" word search on vimeo, the sweds country side looks so much like NZ any way b4 i rant on too much here's what the dude who made it says - "If It Ain't Fun - Don't Do It ! A BMX video with mostly trails. You won't see super many tricks in this video. Just some guys who like to ride and build trails.It also contains alot of non BMX stuff, So you will probably be disapointed if you're looking for a 100% BMX vid. Oh, and by the way - It's all Swedish. Click play and have a good time!" .... heres my rant, blow up ya car & TV, then find some land, grab a shovel, build some trails with ya mates & let the goodtimes roll!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

remember this feel'in?

Marley's such a rad little dude, his confidence on a bike is getting better every day! Ya gotta love that face he's running in the top pic takes me back to what it was like lining up a 1/4 for the 1st time an marley's only 4! He's not get'in deep into the tranny just yet but he's already get'in his dog piss'in tuned in tho hahhaa!! Marley's also been hooked up by our good buddy Mikey in Brussel's & "Ride On BMX", the shop Mikey's running, thanks heaps bro all those bits are got go good on that Campillo! See ya soon..have fun in South Africa!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Euro chill, grandma's & 13 09 fav's

love this pic! Dig on Alex...see ya soon bro!

It's cold enough in Wales to rough it in a igloo, nice one Sion ya not miss'in out on Wanaka sun there is none just dam wind & rain.....come back summer! just when i thought our weather was shit in NZ, i'm so feel'in for all you boy's in Europe & the USA, you must all be get'in slammed just look at the stae of Playboss trails in France, looks like some kind a snow boarders dream possibly...i kno one thing's fa sure they ain't gonna be roast'in none!

Robbo put this bit a frang'in up the other day, gotta love the helmet fly'in off mid flight near the start, safty 1st aye & dam one a those boys has some knightrider turbo boost pop!

A day at the grandma's trails

ok then here's my fav 13 vids from 09 in no particular order, they're all dam good an represent the way trails life is, goodtimes a plenty & pure passion to keep trails alive! Don't forget ya roots as it all began with a shovel & some dirt! Ride fast & frang it some! I'm sure ya'll dig'em all! Big up's to all the digger's, you reap what you sow...a say'in that rings tru no matter what! Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lowell's steeze

Lowell's a rad dude, happy new years to ya man....i need ya digits ie phone yo! He's got so much style mang! BOOM! Stolen off facecrack, Greig Howell has skills with a camera & guitar also, just so ya kno!

09 is long gone.......

oh yeah! see you at stony soon!
Mikey's got NZ in his skin, that's some love man!
Crompton Henry, yup tabo'n
Irvine Clicked, chch
Lowell lov'in the Gorge
Kane super stretched, The Gorge
blenhiem digger JJ euro'n some
Eddie also a blenhiem digger styl'in it
Bro Tim get'in some stony
29th Dec 09......wanaz
Marley's call is " oh yeah BMX kick's ass man"
The Gorge is gorgeous
gateway to Mt. Aspiring Nat Park, from Mt. Roy
Stony Hills, south east coast, NZ
Henry D, the man behind stony, chill'in in the hut
Mike Parisi, taking it all in, Wanaka, NZ
Fu & his dam big bone
Ozzie dingo Jared, dig's good, roast's it & loves watching vids on trubmx hahha!
Stony sunrise
the paddy John Wells, roast'in stony
Hayden, bloodpit channel gap'in, Mornington, Dunedin, NZ
this looks like me..yup t-bogg'in, Wanaka Park, NZ
secret trails protector
Henry D...tabo
Henry D, roost'in stony's roll in
Mikey, remarkable toe jam, Frankton, NZ
Mikey, stony frang'in
Jimmy 'ol tuck, stony hills
the tee says it all hahha!
Louis roll'in wanaz park
irie brothers?
Pete Cooper, lay'in it down'n Wanaz
Monty dog pissin some 'n wanaz
you kno that yo! 20! BOOM!!
Monty again...... this kids got style & attitude man
Louis get'in all cheesy like uncle sam
Hoefling psyched on wanaka!
Hids kicks ass

Well happy new years to ya all out there! 2010 aye...dam where did 09 go? I thought i'd dump a heap a pic's from 09 i took while out roll'in some (a couple i didn't, but 95% of 'em i did) Enjoy! I never take enough pic's as roast'in is way more fun than staring thru a lens & that ain't gonna ever change! Just lock those memories of the past years riding in ya mind for eva!

I gotta say big ups to all the loyal trail builders on the Mainland (South Is.) especialy the diggers at Stony Hills, The Gorge (prop's to Nath G), love ya work dudes! A super duper massive big BIG UPS goes out to Henry D & Kylie @ stony for put'in up with me & the buddies i either drag along or sent down to ya all thru last year! Thank you soooo god dam much for all the goodtimes an just being such a rad team, RESPECT!

Anyway this years gonna be so good around here, a few dope jams in feb/march/april yup goodtimes for sure. A few missions to OZ & the north island are lined up also....Rock on, dig & roast some! An those of ya planning on getting ya arses down under this year the invite still stands there's always room at wanaka's only BMX house, see ya soon digger! Nuff dribble from me, have a good 2010 & ride on!