Wednesday, January 13, 2010

bit a footy.....

the gorge is roll'in real good! Rolled it last night with a few boys, moist & sticky so sooooo fun, goodtimes. Here's a short little shitty cheap low quality vid of a few chill rolls thru snakey between digging a couple nights back plus some early 09 footage i forgot i had of Mikey play'in in the new Queenstown bowl, that bowl is sooo smooth & a bit a Gorge road to finish on from march 09 somtime?

riders: Hunter, Jimmy, Mikey, Wes, Lowell, Nath, Ricky, Barney & Karl

1 comment:

boyd said...

hahah that bit at the end is quallity haha OOOOH. looks radd as hell man! cant wait :)