Monday, January 25, 2010

2nd T.H.W.S. 20Tim, what air........bag?

oh yeah! Tim Hales R.I.P.s

it's the year 20Tim & Tim's floatin while some little kid does a haka?

get loaded, load up ya wheels & get on the road to Wanaka soon mang!

right o then i can't keep a secret at all HA! Anyway now that's behind us here's a tease (check the vid below it's a laugh) of what's i'm 98% sures gonna be beside Wanaka's skank park for the 2nd Annual "TIM HALES WANAKA SHREDATON" 20th March 20tim (2010)! More info as it comes, pic's of the loot up for grabs as it arrives! So big BIG ups to all the rad sponsors for supporting the shredaton, you kno who you are, i'll get the flyer to ya asap!!

So lock it in, get to wanaka for a good 'ol sunny daze worth of frang'in it around our sweet park, help raise funds for the new extentions & remember one hell of a rad dude Tim Hales! The gorge road jam is on the 13th March a week b4! Yup where is that T.H.W.S. 20Tim flyer...only days i procrastinate or what! The mainland way man...goodthings take time! Big Thanks also go out to Luke Batchelor for the pic's of Tim Hales, cheers man! Now go roast some dirt! Braaaaup!

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