Sunday, January 31, 2010

deluxe loot & NZ dvd premier

right o then here's a sneak peak at the Deluxe loot for the Stony Hills Trail Jam, who knows what we'll do with it but some fortunate dudes will be leaving with it all so big up's to Mike @ kickass for sending 'em! Mark Noble who own's Deluxe is a all round wood dweller, rad dude & hating the UK winter right now (the cold as F*#K part any way)! Mark's sending a copy or 2 of the brand spanking new not even out yet "Welcome to Deluxe" get in - dvd, so it looks like well have a digi projector & a screen up in the trees @ stony to premier the traily goodness this dvd is bound to be loaded with, Cheers heaps Mark, i'm sure i'm not the only one psyched on this man! If ya want get deluxe in NZ check out T White's Bikes. Enjoy summer

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