Wednesday, January 6, 2010

09 is long gone.......

oh yeah! see you at stony soon!
Mikey's got NZ in his skin, that's some love man!
Crompton Henry, yup tabo'n
Irvine Clicked, chch
Lowell lov'in the Gorge
Kane super stretched, The Gorge
blenhiem digger JJ euro'n some
Eddie also a blenhiem digger styl'in it
Bro Tim get'in some stony
29th Dec 09......wanaz
Marley's call is " oh yeah BMX kick's ass man"
The Gorge is gorgeous
gateway to Mt. Aspiring Nat Park, from Mt. Roy
Stony Hills, south east coast, NZ
Henry D, the man behind stony, chill'in in the hut
Mike Parisi, taking it all in, Wanaka, NZ
Fu & his dam big bone
Ozzie dingo Jared, dig's good, roast's it & loves watching vids on trubmx hahha!
Stony sunrise
the paddy John Wells, roast'in stony
Hayden, bloodpit channel gap'in, Mornington, Dunedin, NZ
this looks like me..yup t-bogg'in, Wanaka Park, NZ
secret trails protector
Henry D...tabo
Henry D, roost'in stony's roll in
Mikey, remarkable toe jam, Frankton, NZ
Mikey, stony frang'in
Jimmy 'ol tuck, stony hills
the tee says it all hahha!
Louis roll'in wanaz park
irie brothers?
Pete Cooper, lay'in it down'n Wanaz
Monty dog pissin some 'n wanaz
you kno that yo! 20! BOOM!!
Monty again...... this kids got style & attitude man
Louis get'in all cheesy like uncle sam
Hoefling psyched on wanaka!
Hids kicks ass

Well happy new years to ya all out there! 2010 aye...dam where did 09 go? I thought i'd dump a heap a pic's from 09 i took while out roll'in some (a couple i didn't, but 95% of 'em i did) Enjoy! I never take enough pic's as roast'in is way more fun than staring thru a lens & that ain't gonna ever change! Just lock those memories of the past years riding in ya mind for eva!

I gotta say big ups to all the loyal trail builders on the Mainland (South Is.) especialy the diggers at Stony Hills, The Gorge (prop's to Nath G), love ya work dudes! A super duper massive big BIG UPS goes out to Henry D & Kylie @ stony for put'in up with me & the buddies i either drag along or sent down to ya all thru last year! Thank you soooo god dam much for all the goodtimes an just being such a rad team, RESPECT!

Anyway this years gonna be so good around here, a few dope jams in feb/march/april yup goodtimes for sure. A few missions to OZ & the north island are lined up also....Rock on, dig & roast some! An those of ya planning on getting ya arses down under this year the invite still stands there's always room at wanaka's only BMX house, see ya soon digger! Nuff dribble from me, have a good 2010 & ride on!

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