Monday, January 11, 2010

flipside goodtimes!

stumbled upon this nice little treat with a good 'ol "Good Times" word search on vimeo, the sweds country side looks so much like NZ any way b4 i rant on too much here's what the dude who made it says - "If It Ain't Fun - Don't Do It ! A BMX video with mostly trails. You won't see super many tricks in this video. Just some guys who like to ride and build trails.It also contains alot of non BMX stuff, So you will probably be disapointed if you're looking for a 100% BMX vid. Oh, and by the way - It's all Swedish. Click play and have a good time!" .... heres my rant, blow up ya car & TV, then find some land, grab a shovel, build some trails with ya mates & let the goodtimes roll!

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