Sunday, January 10, 2010

remember this feel'in?

Marley's such a rad little dude, his confidence on a bike is getting better every day! Ya gotta love that face he's running in the top pic takes me back to what it was like lining up a 1/4 for the 1st time an marley's only 4! He's not get'in deep into the tranny just yet but he's already get'in his dog piss'in tuned in tho hahhaa!! Marley's also been hooked up by our good buddy Mikey in Brussel's & "Ride On BMX", the shop Mikey's running, thanks heaps bro all those bits are got go good on that Campillo! See ya soon..have fun in South Africa!


robbie said...

x games winner 2025???

TRUBMX said...

yeah....who kno's aye? Let's hope by then the global BMX scene is OWNED by us BMX'ers! Time will tell, by that time Marley will probably be better than me at both roast'in it & spell'in/comprehension haha! I love my boy!

mike said...