Monday, February 23, 2009

Washington Sk8 Park..CHCH

Prebble send'in it for the rats! photo so stolen of a dirty rat!

Kapitel has launched a Petition, hit dis to sign it, it's all in add to help push the Christchurch Council to pull finger & finish the long awaited extentions @ Washington......dam slackers, sign it! Power in numbers man & this is so raty man!!! to many filthy rats!

Pete the scaffy!

"ol Pete Copper, lov'in Wanaka Park...... again

aaawwww tru brooooo

Marley & Dharcy-Gaia hijacked there Gramp's new ride, it's gota 1600 Porche Boxer in it, fast YES!

Look out that punk Bristolian Scaffy is back, had good 'ol catch up/roll up/ pint or 2 with him over the weekend, even Fu was stoked to see him hahahha he's back in dirty 'ol Crompton, cheers for the rides on ya beast, if ya see Pete @ ler Gorge trails , push his ass thru, he's a little nervous hhha wer'nt we all 1st time hhhaa........mines broke, well the cranks anyway, don't lose ya reciept's if you ever buy on line thru Dan's Comp ie warranty mish with out a receipt even tho it'll be on there data base plus their customer service is shite! Buy local support ya scenes! Dig trails! BBRRAAAUUPPP!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rainy days, best of both worlds?

Vinyl Trails Section from "the best of both worlds" from Vinylbmx on Vimeo.

The whole of NZ is wet, yeeppeee get into some woods somewhere & get diggin boy's! This bit of trails footage get me psyched to dig! Tom Arkus/Vinyl BMX put this dvd out a wee while back & i've been watch'in it a shit load, it's still fresh as man! If ya want to save this 'ill 'lil trails vid to ya computer hit here & if ya have'nt seen the whole vid, buy it man, it kicks as, Vinyl has it of course! Loads of trails POSH, Catty, Eastside Texas t, plenty a mean parks with killer huge bowls, fullpipes & a lil ol bit a street! Get Diggin! Winters BACK......almost

Saturday, February 21, 2009


hit d pic to go to the comp!

a nice spot in cyber space to upload ya fav shots of stunts & tricks, an ya might win $100 to spend @ Revolutionnz if your shot kicks ass! The ZombieBMX / Revolutionnz BMX forum (the server can't handle the traffic tho Bandwidth limit Exceded?) is a member only forum,it's easy to sign up, get on it man, no member no comment steeze hahha dumbass's no anonymous comments can be put up that means, plus by the sounds of thangs someone has the mish of a job to moderate all the comments, another words if ya write shite or are just being a dick slag'in someone off, well you'll be waste'in ya time cos no one will ever get to read it!! Awesome, this forum is for friendly nice people only.... what about heckling tho hahaha big ups to ZombieBMX & Revolutionnz for get'in it done!.......if anyone puts pics of Stony Hills up or discloses where Stony Hills is we will hunt them down! OK! Simple! PEACE!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

SFABMX Trail Jam..near Blenheim some where?

hit d flier 4 bigger view, it really is sweet fuck all bicycle motocross!

Right o amigo's JJ hola'd 'bout a dirty as sweet fuck all BMX trail jam goin down on the 21st March, check d flier! prizes for stunts, tricks, ghosts & slams haha from those good boy's @ EDH & Revolutionnz , BBQ, byo beer, inflatable sleep'in partners, bring ya bag & tent! Can't wait, new trails to roll (well i'm a virgin, bring protection & i'm scared hahahah) fun a bit a digg'in ta do, ya know help dig & get to ride!!! If ya wana lift up i'll be leaving Wanaka 19th March ,1pm sharp from Wanaka Sk8 park via Reefton oooooh & Hamner springs aaahhhhh! I got room for 4 more BMX'icans, split gas etc etc! hola back to or leave a comment if ya keen! Ride on & get dirty!

REEFTON ROLLER PARK ....from the hills, cheers Mikey

Monday, February 16, 2009

NZ is sweeter than.....................

Lake Hawea & Hunter/Dingle Burn Valleys photo: J.Keane

Fox Glacier or is it Franze Joseph Glacier, dam either way it's a treat Photo: Mikey

couple a nice shots ta tease all you peeps out there hang'in to get back down here, don't worry tho it's not really gona change much.....respect our planet fools! We only got 1 Earth!

what a coincidence!

STONES PLACE! from stoney on Vimeo.

stumbled upon this little gem thought i'd share it, searching Vimeo & checking that no pirates had put any unauthorised footage of Stony Hills up, plus there's always room for some nice footage! trails sure are fun, an Stones place has some fun lines going on! Enjoy!

Winters coming.............the big dig is looming.........oh this wee vid below Robbo put up a while back is a laugh, more fun lines & a little what not with the Villj boys, their hav'in a laugh alright, trails are fun yes yes! Dig on!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Help the Australian Fire Victims

A Senior Wildlife Officier looks over the aftermath in the main st. of Marysville,V.I.C. , look at the melted rear rim on the car & the destruction around him, alot of respect goes out to all the people help'in to put these fires out, how brave they all are & what they've had to witness.

Feb 9 , after the wildfire have swept thru Chrismas Hill , only burnt out trees & a kids slide stand a very sad sight.

A fire truck get's away from the outta control wall of fire in Bunyip State forest, V.I.C. these fires are the worst natural disaster to ever hit Australia, so please help out

As we all know it the fires in VIC, Austrailia have had a horrific toll, alot of lives (Chris Pollack @ Rebelyell BMX mag let me know fellow bmx'er Nathan Charles saddly lost his life because of these fires R.I.P. bruther & ride on) have been lost, homes gone, heart ache & lives have been changed for ever....... over 5,000 people homeless, as the army & fire service come upon burn't out cars, homes & towns like Maryland, the loss of life keeps climbing, So if ya want to help out hit this link & you can also help the Austrailian Red Cross with their appeal, so please donate a little cash & help make life a little easier on the 1,000's of victims of the natural disaster, i'm still wait'in to hear back from a few friends in some the affected area's so my fingers are crossed that their all still alive, it's a crazy world we live in & global warming/climate change certainly has been part of the reason these fires have been so deadly! Much love goes out to all the families who have lost loved ones.

Ler Gorge Jam

Nath G of Phatlines, ler condor'in it proper

Ozzie import QT local Ricky spin'in outa ler shark fin

Ler Stony Hills trailboss Henza, kick'in it!

yep i did'nt make it, missed a fun jam (they'll be more), digg'in instead, a bust up 20", an psyched it rained (it still is too) but had a catch up wit Henry in Crompton tho earlier in the day an have a new ride mmmm, so i leeched a couple a pics of T.P. & yep TJ Lav'in was right!

"This place has got to be one of the best public jumps parks on earth man, there's a party over there (big line), gonna go get me some"

So get over/down/up/ sideways there as Ler Gorge is always dialed in & runnin sick as, cheers to Nath G & his loyal diggin rats, i'm gona go get some on d weekend if d weather holds, all those dirty phat tranny's will be running so nice after all this rain we've been get'in, Dig trails or at least pull finger & help out!...... trails eddikit that is! (who cares bout spellin it right)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Taj's forecast!

This is a good laugh, but who really know's what the future holds BMX wise, check Taj's predictions, there great hahhaha, u can even get 22inch wheels these days, mmm interesting.............................go play!
the not to distant future haha slam'd seat stay's & top tube.......looks a bit trials'y to me! hop hop bounce bounce or is this more flatland? you decide

Help Revolutionnz!

WTF!!! i thought it seemed right to post this, some fuck bags did tho 'ol smash an grab by the look of the window to our good friends @ REVOLUTIONNZ, it sucks to hear this has happened & i'm sure there on the hunt for the loser/losers that did this, so keep an eye out for any dodgy lookin to good to be true deals on BMX loot OK!! If ya hear or see something call 03 366 2352 or Bad karma to the assholes, straight up! Good luck on the hunt Sam & Nate.... let lose the hounds!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

a travel'in gypsy boy!

happy travels man, get ya thumb out!

Issac in the weeds
Issac get'in all freaky!

Well Issac (Hoefling) is one hell of a nice guy, i ran into to him here in Wanaka sooo randomly it's cosmic as man & hung out for a couple a days, the last i saw of Issac was as i drove away after drop'in him of up near the Blue Pools (Makarora), with nothing but his ride, pack & trusty hitch hiking thumb... i hope ya made it to the Welcome Flat natural hot springs, got eat'in by d sand flies an didn't climb to high up Mt Sefton hahahaha, enjoy ya journey around this blessed Island brutha!! I hope the chucks helped ya out! Good luck..... so if ya see Issac about hook him up, with a roof for the night, he'll cook up a vegan feed for ya!

mmm trails again hahha as always man!

First Trails 2009 from Slacker Import on Vimeo.

I so dig being a member of Vimeo, ya just don't know what you'll find..... key word 4 search TRAILS! UK style! Get diggin boys... ya DIG!

Stony's get'n lipped d F#*K UP!

Hayden lov'in d shovel, JV's head???? & yes magic clay..mmm golden goodness!

Ok so the time has come to get shit a little more lipper! The second last on the outside is steeper and the last landin is also steeper and has been pushd out a meter!! And as u can c, the 3rd up top has more lip than a namibian tribesman!! (hahaha nice line H) This lil fucker is guna be cool, 'lil concernd bout the landing but i can fix that pretty quick! The whole park is getting lined up for this treatment and with rumors of the hitachi being jackd on outa here its time to hit the shovel, the pond has been dugthefukout! And the moister the clay d more perfect it is for this lippy shit so motto of the month is "GET LIPPY!"

There ya go a 'lil 'ol update from H on d go'n ons at d Hills, get digg'in & rollin the fun stuff...TRAILS! Ride on

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fiends of Wanaka Sk8 Park! Time to help out!

Yo if ya wanna help the Wanaka Sk8 Park out join the Wanaka Skate Club on Facebook it's new so numbers will help the cause, as this will be a hub for all what's going on here to do with our local park & the new extentions , here's the latest news

" New park Designs are currently in the pipe line with a deadline of end of Feb 2009 for submission. That will give us 6 weeks until Mid April to finalise the skatepark plan we will present to QLDC and other bodies for funding assistance and build tender". Words by Eddie Spearing (president of Wanaka Sk8 club & nice guy hahha)

so basically the more members the more the local council (QLDC) will see just how much we need/want to get our local concrete ska8'in facility/park with bigger bowls, Heaps more flow, some nice big trannys, less crowded, lights, shade & we need to get roll'in, power to the people man! Look at Reefton that community got it done & done good!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Havelock Park comin soon & SFABMX!

was searching on the net an found out about the planed new Havelock Sk8 Park Dave north is involved so it'll be sweet, i also found out about Sweet Fuck All BMX , a bunch of twenty heads in Blenheim! cool to see more scenes stating up blogs!! Go ride!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Stony Hills

Just got back from spending 3 solid days diggin & riding Stony Hills, heres a little footage of Karl play'in on the new line that really only got runnin the day before Karl turn't up, i also got to be the 1st fool to sleep in the hut, the hamock is a sweet is being a pyromaniac! Everyone who came to ride had a fun time no one really got to beat up, beer was consumed i think & the wind blew the roof off the hut on sunday HEAVY! Dig trails & ride BMX!

surf's up!

Surf's up! Pete deep in a wave up north! Welcome back ya pomy git hahahaha!

ler Gorge Rd Trails

The Gorge- Lowell & James (trubmx) from TRUBMX on Vimeo.

A little footage of the Gorge for ya, it was my 2nd visit & Jared had a wee film, cheers man, Don't forget theres a jam on wednesday 11th Feb @ The Gorge to help raise some $$$ for upkeep (an fresh clay/topsoil for bit of a recapping on some of the lines) i'll post the flier as soon as i find it. Plus there's gona be some booz'in to be had @ Revolver Bar, i'm bring over the new PA WOODS dvd "Catty Woods" for the big screen in Revolver, for your view'in pleasure! Dig Trails!