Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fiends of Wanaka Sk8 Park! Time to help out!

Yo if ya wanna help the Wanaka Sk8 Park out join the Wanaka Skate Club on Facebook it's new so numbers will help the cause, as this will be a hub for all what's going on here to do with our local park & the new extentions , here's the latest news

" New park Designs are currently in the pipe line with a deadline of end of Feb 2009 for submission. That will give us 6 weeks until Mid April to finalise the skatepark plan we will present to QLDC and other bodies for funding assistance and build tender". Words by Eddie Spearing (president of Wanaka Sk8 club & nice guy hahha)

so basically the more members the more the local council (QLDC) will see just how much we need/want to get our local concrete ska8'in facility/park with bigger bowls, Heaps more flow, some nice big trannys, less crowded, lights, shade & we need to get roll'in, power to the people man! Look at Reefton that community got it done & done good!

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