Monday, February 23, 2009

Pete the scaffy!

"ol Pete Copper, lov'in Wanaka Park...... again

aaawwww tru brooooo

Marley & Dharcy-Gaia hijacked there Gramp's new ride, it's gota 1600 Porche Boxer in it, fast YES!

Look out that punk Bristolian Scaffy is back, had good 'ol catch up/roll up/ pint or 2 with him over the weekend, even Fu was stoked to see him hahahha he's back in dirty 'ol Crompton, cheers for the rides on ya beast, if ya see Pete @ ler Gorge trails , push his ass thru, he's a little nervous hhha wer'nt we all 1st time hhhaa........mines broke, well the cranks anyway, don't lose ya reciept's if you ever buy on line thru Dan's Comp ie warranty mish with out a receipt even tho it'll be on there data base plus their customer service is shite! Buy local support ya scenes! Dig trails! BBRRAAAUUPPP!

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