Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Help the Australian Fire Victims

A Senior Wildlife Officier looks over the aftermath in the main st. of Marysville,V.I.C. , look at the melted rear rim on the car & the destruction around him, alot of respect goes out to all the people help'in to put these fires out, how brave they all are & what they've had to witness.

Feb 9 , after the wildfire have swept thru Chrismas Hill , only burnt out trees & a kids slide stand a very sad sight.

A fire truck get's away from the outta control wall of fire in Bunyip State forest, V.I.C. these fires are the worst natural disaster to ever hit Australia, so please help out

As we all know it the fires in VIC, Austrailia have had a horrific toll, alot of lives (Chris Pollack @ Rebelyell BMX mag let me know fellow bmx'er Nathan Charles saddly lost his life because of these fires R.I.P. bruther & ride on) have been lost, homes gone, heart ache & lives have been changed for ever....... over 5,000 people homeless, as the army & fire service come upon burn't out cars, homes & towns like Maryland, the loss of life keeps climbing, So if ya want to help out hit this link & you can also help the Austrailian Red Cross with their appeal, so please donate a little cash & help make life a little easier on the 1,000's of victims of the natural disaster, i'm still wait'in to hear back from a few friends in some the affected area's so my fingers are crossed that their all still alive, it's a crazy world we live in & global warming/climate change certainly has been part of the reason these fires have been so deadly! Much love goes out to all the families who have lost loved ones.

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