Monday, February 2, 2009

ler Gorge Rd Trails

The Gorge- Lowell & James (trubmx) from TRUBMX on Vimeo.

A little footage of the Gorge for ya, it was my 2nd visit & Jared had a wee film, cheers man, Don't forget theres a jam on wednesday 11th Feb @ The Gorge to help raise some $$$ for upkeep (an fresh clay/topsoil for bit of a recapping on some of the lines) i'll post the flier as soon as i find it. Plus there's gona be some booz'in to be had @ Revolver Bar, i'm bring over the new PA WOODS dvd "Catty Woods" for the big screen in Revolver, for your view'in pleasure! Dig Trails!

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