Sunday, February 8, 2009

Stony's get'n lipped d F#*K UP!

Hayden lov'in d shovel, JV's head???? & yes magic clay..mmm golden goodness!

Ok so the time has come to get shit a little more lipper! The second last on the outside is steeper and the last landin is also steeper and has been pushd out a meter!! And as u can c, the 3rd up top has more lip than a namibian tribesman!! (hahaha nice line H) This lil fucker is guna be cool, 'lil concernd bout the landing but i can fix that pretty quick! The whole park is getting lined up for this treatment and with rumors of the hitachi being jackd on outa here its time to hit the shovel, the pond has been dugthefukout! And the moister the clay d more perfect it is for this lippy shit so motto of the month is "GET LIPPY!"

There ya go a 'lil 'ol update from H on d go'n ons at d Hills, get digg'in & rollin the fun stuff...TRAILS! Ride on

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