Sunday, February 8, 2009

a travel'in gypsy boy!

happy travels man, get ya thumb out!

Issac in the weeds
Issac get'in all freaky!

Well Issac (Hoefling) is one hell of a nice guy, i ran into to him here in Wanaka sooo randomly it's cosmic as man & hung out for a couple a days, the last i saw of Issac was as i drove away after drop'in him of up near the Blue Pools (Makarora), with nothing but his ride, pack & trusty hitch hiking thumb... i hope ya made it to the Welcome Flat natural hot springs, got eat'in by d sand flies an didn't climb to high up Mt Sefton hahahaha, enjoy ya journey around this blessed Island brutha!! I hope the chucks helped ya out! Good luck..... so if ya see Issac about hook him up, with a roof for the night, he'll cook up a vegan feed for ya!

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