Thursday, October 11, 2012

summmmers back!!!!

big ups to big Chris Radford for this rather edited pic frm the the redbull Roast It 2012.........the roast it 2013 will be even raddder than the 1st trust me Satan's is behind it right!!!! so ya kno it'll be legit as!!!!
now that my battle for my 3 kids is ova & will only get better thanks to the truth finally coming out in the wash out of the baxter loooosers!!!!! time to get this site about those big ol piles of dirt we alllll love to roast & dig ie TRAILSSSSSSSSS!!!!! here we go suckers bring on the gorge, walnut & lizzy trails an one faaaarkin rad as 2012 into 2013 season of slaaaaaayin TRAILSSSSSS!!!!! stay fit yo & dig till ya cant see the blood pouring out of them!!! an othat note here a few bangaz ya might have already seen on alll the chiooooce global trails head sites!!!! no matter where u r in the world if ya bust ya ass to get shit dialed & ya ain"t afraid to help out well i gotta your a good far dinkim legit as faaaaark brother!!! dig trails & live it up!!! hold tight an there'll be a local trails photo over load to come!!!!