Friday, February 19, 2010

Ruben...such a terrible fly guy

Ruben wit a frang'in ru-whip somewhere in Texas not OZ?

Ruben Alcantara has alway's been one of my fav riders & has to be one of the raddest riders EVER, always a treat watch'in footy of him ripping & shredding it up, his interview up on Fly Bikes is rad cos it's all full a NZ footy. Ruben is the king of New Lynn skank park, he seethe's style, full a etiquette, loves trails & had a dam good time in could you not tho! So here's few of my fav Ruben vid's, chiao!

what the terrible 1 Joe Rich has to say "Six weeks, 1 regluar sized back pack for each of the 2 of us, 1 super 8mm camera, 1 DV video camera, 1 35mm film photo camera, 2 bmx bikes, $400 in train tickets each = 1 amazing adventure. We had the most basic of plans . . . Leave Malaga, Spain by train, and arrive in Prague (Czech Republic) six weeks later. No day was ever mapped out before hand. We'd take a train to a new city, leave the station upon arrival, and see what we could get into. Some cities we stayed for days, others just over night. "Chance" and "Wonder" were our co-pilots. Exploration and adventure go hand in hand, add in our loose schedule and we had ourselves one amazing journey" . . . .

"This trip was taken by myself and Ruben Alcantara almost 5 years ago. It was put out along with an Etnies Road Trip video that came with Dig issue number 52. Because it was being burned on a hard copy, I had to use different music for the second half of the Train Trip. This was the music I originally edited it with. This played all last year on the Bicycle Film Festival Tour around the world. I've gotten a number of requests to put this up online. So here it is, Freaky Friday February 19th, 2010. Enjoy!"

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Greig Howell Photography & 'ol Greg'n' Pete

The remarkable indeed.

Mikey....... fav pic of this rad Flemish shredder! Dig on dude, stack it up!

TJ stretched as a......

Queenstown resident that all round nice guy Greig Howell's got a blog up with a heap of sweet shot's of the local's do'in stunts & kill'in it @ the Gorge, which is also in Queenstown along with The Remarkables (if ya don't kno that get with it yo), so no doubt you'll get teased with a heap more shots from the Gorge & from around these here great out doorsy parts!... Stony Hills Trail Jam only 8 days away....yeeeeew, directions in a day or 2....stay tuned suckas!

this pic's by Jess not Greig & it's not Greig toe jamm'in but Greg Barnes...way back at the final old QT park jam

same night as the lads watch Mo, Pooey (R.I.P.bro), D-von not avon, capman, hoodyman & Brad...all the best with marriage dude, bring on the mini Brads

& this is 'ol Greg after a box a "Santiago" & a day a shredding the loose streets of Melbs!

Pete Cooper wanting the always elusive "fire hydrant" to piss on @ Motion in Bristol.

"where the hell's that fire hydrant at?"

on a random tip, if ya in Wanaka on a Sunday grab a pint & kick it with Chilla Hi-Fi 4pm under the sun with me & a few buddies spin'in tunes yup wax (vinyl) reggae, funk, soul, hip hop, ska, dub, electro, rock, dubstep etc etc etc goodtimes!

lake Wanaka, jet boat's & dam seagulls

oh gosh, i don't know how she got there?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jam's & footy..trails mang!

Gorge Rd. Dirt Jam 13th March 2010...........should be a blast!

go rattle ya dags & have a swede time in southland, prizes for best costume also i hear?

mmm mm sprinklers @ ya digs sure are a time saver!

Well the Month'a'Mayhem is nearly upon us & an under way in 10 days.....1st up the "Stony Hills Trail Jam" Henry's a busy boy geting it done, see ya monday dude! So grab ya boy's, ya bike, sort ya shit out & get on the road 2 some of the dope dirty jams going the dirty deep south of NZ!.....On the other side of the Earth we ride the boys at Eastside,TX are loving speedball, nice entry dudes full gnar racer trails steeze, fast & fun..Rick Crossman's got more pic's check it! Everyone loves trails footy, eastside speedball roast'in & the nutter frang'in! Enjoy.

eastside, round rock

James Nutter section from pawoods summer 08

Friday, February 12, 2010

Hillside Dirt Jam 2010

While downing my normal 3 litre mug a coffee this morning, Henry telling me the rains have come to Stony Hills which is so good for getting it ready for our jam in 2 weeks, check'ing e-mails, an sorting some more Stony jam stuff out, i seen drew sent me this, cheers bro!....this vid fuck'in rocks! Feel'in it for the dude who rag dolls...i hope he's alright, go you Ozzie battlers!

...Once upon a time over the ditch (a big ditch at that) in a land called OZ where they frang it, roast it large & spell beer like this XXXX r 18 shit HA!! Anyway "The Hillside Dirtjam" went down on the 6th of February 2010, all thanks to the hard work of Cam White and his family. King Of The Hill was Unit Athlete Dane Searls, Best Trick went to Dane's team mate Cam Pianta and Josh Stead took out Best Style! Big ups to Cam & his fam for putting on yet another amazing Dirt Jam!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

gorge roast'in & politricks...are you ready?

Cam kick'in it & Rickster roost'in some bermage.

John wish'in he had a fire hydrant to piss on.

Cam do'in can't hold on either. We need fire hydrant's Nath! HA!!

Yeah! Cam clicked..yeeeeeeeeeew.

John & Cam play'in transfer....the only game worth play'in at the gorge!

had good roll over the gorge the other day, dragged a few wanaka locals over, here's a few pic's Chris got, cheers bro! Yes we all had a dam good evening sesh, i set up my gene/PA so tunes were bang'in out & roastful goodtimes were had! See you boys at the Stony Hills Trail Jam....only 14 days off! Will have all the need to know info about the Stony Hills Trail Jam up after the weekend...maybe. And on a totally dif topic the National government (who unfortunately run NZ right now) want to pass a new law/bill to stop public/any form of peaceful protesting/NVDA/demonstrating in NZ & their bulls (the PO PO/pigs/police will love enforcing this one if it get's passed).......WTF that's basic human right's "freedom of speech"........what other rights do they wanna take away, it all seems a bit to draconian really doesn't it?

Check the vid's below if you care, Dr Russel Norman's (Green party) speech in response to John Key's speech were he has told NZ "there will be no public debate about mining our national parks" in NZ Parliament just recently this week, NZ's in BIG trouble with greedy capitalistic suit wearing tweekers in control who are being played/manipulated by big offshore corporations with nothing in mind but to increase the size of their bank accounts, an NZ'ers will lose out, BIG TIME! Also check out "Collapse" & watch it all very dam interesting what Michael Ruppert has to say.....believe what ya want, read in to it how ya want & uncondition ya free check the tease below, if anyone want's a copy let me know i'll give you one.....

"Every generation needs a revolution"-Thomas i think this world is sooo over due. Respect our home "PLANET EARTH" we only have ONE, there is no exit sign, or off ramp no you can not get off the EARTH, so when the shit really hits the fan, we are all gonna have to deal with it THERE IS NO ESCAPING THAT TRUTH!

Monday, February 8, 2010

best of both worlds & Cam's trails

this is such a treat, Vinyl BMX put this out a good year ago & i just seen it up on vimeo so if ya ain't seen it, well push play suckaz & enjoy...full of rad trails footy from Punjab's trails, POSH & Eastside filmed in PA & TX if ya don't kno ya should if ya on this site plus heap a frang'in dope parks, a little street, a mad as water park/slide treat & some of the sweetest tunes, so if ya don't already own a copy like me...ya can down load it! If that don't hit the spot.....what will? Yup hit the vimeo logo on the player & get it! Enjoy!

Vinyl BMX's full length video with roasting by Mike Parisi, Kevin Porter, Tom Arkus, Brandan Pundai, lil Jon, Tony Cardona, Ryan Melia &Friends

This is so fresh filmed on the 4th feb 2010 @ cam White's ....just watch the vid it's badder than bad SO LARGE! Cam sure has a ticket to ride & fly like an eagle haha a dailed yard! The jam footy is gonna be dam insane i'm guess'in....wait for it

Sunday, February 7, 2010

trails trails all over this spaceship...EARTH!

Nasty get'in hella nasty with a 3 flip @ Jed Jam 2010...stolen of Haro i'm sure Bob won't mind!

this is a mad pic of some dude @ the Jed Jam (Taupo-NZ) doing a super flip? It looks so wrong but also so right all at once! If ya wanna see more zombie bmx has it covered.

La Source tabo, french soil mmmm

oh yeah , ya might've seen this roller coast'in pic it's been floating around the net, mm mmmm French trails are can do anything ya want with dirt, straight up dirt is soooo good! Why would you waste ya time playing video games when ya can get out there an really DO IT!

In Belgium Trappist monks make beer & this gets downed in the woods..braaaup!

Beringer's yard in this is only the dirt, there's a load a ramps, a rad old water slide snake run thang, indoor bowl & Aitken love's drop'in of the roof into this place! Search for the footy of it, gnarly!

Searlie do'in his best to be a superman imposter @ Lavin's in Vegas, i think it passes with fly'in ease

fresh stony lip, nice work H! I-phone's are handy i guess HA, not i plan i get'in one

bit a good 'ol manic man randomness for ya, the location of Stony Hills Trails will be up beginning of next week, so ya kno were 2 go & a 'lil update on how it's all going down ie times, food, format, get ready to camp out etc etc! BRING YA GOOD VIBES, be prepared to have a rad time & don't 4 get ya trails etiquette! An holy i've just gotta say Patrick Best is just that, he directed, filmed & edited the brand spanking new 1st ever Deluxe dvd "WELCOME TO DELUXE" it's rad as hell, 100% trails steeze, dope tunes, it's kick ass, has such a good feel to it & full a great footage from the UK trails tour that went down with the Deluxe team Frog, PomPom, Maxime, Davros, Mulville absolutely kills it the whole time, Louis, Shane & some of the locals from their amazing trails they've built all roasting it up.

"WELCOME TO DELUXE" will be on a big screen 4 it's World premier on sat 27th Feb at the Stony Hills Trail Jam just after sunset!! Props to Mark Noble & Patrick Best for hook'ing that up! Respect to ya! What a treat it'll be, hell yeah!!!!!! Be there or you'll have to wait till it gets released, check the pic's below for a little tease a stills from "Welcome to Deluxe", oh the image quality of the dvd is so dam good, warm & crisp these pic's do it no justice at all, enjoy

8 sets a trails...a dam deluxe time indeed.....

Pompom on a very dam nice berm @ Barend........

fellow french fry'in roaster Maxime kicks it some @ Penyier.......

style boss Robbo roast's some wit Frog @ Villij.......

there are boys digg'in.......

an boys doing loads a trains like this one @ Wingham

it's so rad seeing the progression of trails all over the this spaceship were on, lets just hope we don't cause it to crash & burn as i kno i don't wanna get off spaceship Earth that is! Here's vid of a fun newish set a trails in TX, it's cook'in up nicely

BMX Vid put together to show what san antonio is cooking up

Matty, Texas roast'in....check Rick Crossman roast'in season is on in TX!

Jared Carter, seriously clicked & dam high on BERTHA! A big get well goes out to ya'll be roast'in it up again in kno time! Respect!

Carter can'in it LRG on BERTHA, 1 hell of step up & so natural

so that's a world view i guess of what's going down, yeah i'm outta touch, life's all good & that's what counts ..right! Here's some local Wanaka stuff, yup it's dam hot! We're in the mid 30's (degrees) right now, an were giving Lake Wanaka so much love!

bike fest, mine's the pink one with dolly seat, a few big 'ol bomb's in the lake help stop the blood boil'in & keeps heart attacks away.....only bikini's take the breath away oh yes!

our new pool is huge & not one bit rideable, but it serves a purpose 4 sure!

BBQ season mm mmmm gas tastes crap tho...wood is good & ya even satisfy ya pyro urges with FIRE!!!

we got bored a few nights back so set up the lights @ our local park, seems only cool enough to ride at night lately, can't complain tho! Jimmy wit a t-bog yet again.

Ollie got in on some goodtimes & thru a nice 'ol abo0baca down on d spine even tho his fav film "Ice Age" was on a massive big out door screen about 200 meters away, Marley in the back ground has seen it a million times.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

sunshine'n digs to ride the sky

here's a sweet edit by Rich & Scott, some good time's they had over the 09 UK summer at Grandpa's Trails, Villij & a few random skank parks..boys rap'in, frang'in, boost'in, roast'in & a few boys get hella slaped down at the start, ya play hard ya pay hard...every now an then. Cheers for the link Scott, you'll hate this tho 37 degrees here in Wanaka today, dam scorcher, what a tease as you boys in the UK freeze, so dig hard & stay warm......don't worry tho we'll be freeze'n our tit's off way downunder when your summer roast'in begins again!

The pic's below vid are from Mikey of his trails in Belgium right now & the roast'in franga is Scott Irvine of G-town, NZ...both solo diggers & rad to see hard work always pays off! Dig trails........get involved right! BOOM!!

Mikey's digs, look'in good..... an cold

Scott moto'in his back yard!

Scott's call on this shot is " it's a constipated look but a nice shot"....OK then, both pic's stolen off facecrack HA!