Thursday, February 4, 2010

sunshine'n digs to ride the sky

here's a sweet edit by Rich & Scott, some good time's they had over the 09 UK summer at Grandpa's Trails, Villij & a few random skank parks..boys rap'in, frang'in, boost'in, roast'in & a few boys get hella slaped down at the start, ya play hard ya pay hard...every now an then. Cheers for the link Scott, you'll hate this tho 37 degrees here in Wanaka today, dam scorcher, what a tease as you boys in the UK freeze, so dig hard & stay warm......don't worry tho we'll be freeze'n our tit's off way downunder when your summer roast'in begins again!

The pic's below vid are from Mikey of his trails in Belgium right now & the roast'in franga is Scott Irvine of G-town, NZ...both solo diggers & rad to see hard work always pays off! Dig trails........get involved right! BOOM!!

Mikey's digs, look'in good..... an cold

Scott moto'in his back yard!

Scott's call on this shot is " it's a constipated look but a nice shot"....OK then, both pic's stolen off facecrack HA!

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