Thursday, February 11, 2010

gorge roast'in & politricks...are you ready?

Cam kick'in it & Rickster roost'in some bermage.

John wish'in he had a fire hydrant to piss on.

Cam do'in can't hold on either. We need fire hydrant's Nath! HA!!

Yeah! Cam clicked..yeeeeeeeeeew.

John & Cam play'in transfer....the only game worth play'in at the gorge!

had good roll over the gorge the other day, dragged a few wanaka locals over, here's a few pic's Chris got, cheers bro! Yes we all had a dam good evening sesh, i set up my gene/PA so tunes were bang'in out & roastful goodtimes were had! See you boys at the Stony Hills Trail Jam....only 14 days off! Will have all the need to know info about the Stony Hills Trail Jam up after the weekend...maybe. And on a totally dif topic the National government (who unfortunately run NZ right now) want to pass a new law/bill to stop public/any form of peaceful protesting/NVDA/demonstrating in NZ & their bulls (the PO PO/pigs/police will love enforcing this one if it get's passed).......WTF that's basic human right's "freedom of speech"........what other rights do they wanna take away, it all seems a bit to draconian really doesn't it?

Check the vid's below if you care, Dr Russel Norman's (Green party) speech in response to John Key's speech were he has told NZ "there will be no public debate about mining our national parks" in NZ Parliament just recently this week, NZ's in BIG trouble with greedy capitalistic suit wearing tweekers in control who are being played/manipulated by big offshore corporations with nothing in mind but to increase the size of their bank accounts, an NZ'ers will lose out, BIG TIME! Also check out "Collapse" & watch it all very dam interesting what Michael Ruppert has to say.....believe what ya want, read in to it how ya want & uncondition ya free check the tease below, if anyone want's a copy let me know i'll give you one.....

"Every generation needs a revolution"-Thomas i think this world is sooo over due. Respect our home "PLANET EARTH" we only have ONE, there is no exit sign, or off ramp no you can not get off the EARTH, so when the shit really hits the fan, we are all gonna have to deal with it THERE IS NO ESCAPING THAT TRUTH!

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