Thursday, February 18, 2010

Greig Howell Photography & 'ol Greg'n' Pete

The remarkable indeed.

Mikey....... fav pic of this rad Flemish shredder! Dig on dude, stack it up!

TJ stretched as a......

Queenstown resident that all round nice guy Greig Howell's got a blog up with a heap of sweet shot's of the local's do'in stunts & kill'in it @ the Gorge, which is also in Queenstown along with The Remarkables (if ya don't kno that get with it yo), so no doubt you'll get teased with a heap more shots from the Gorge & from around these here great out doorsy parts!... Stony Hills Trail Jam only 8 days away....yeeeeew, directions in a day or 2....stay tuned suckas!

this pic's by Jess not Greig & it's not Greig toe jamm'in but Greg Barnes...way back at the final old QT park jam

same night as the lads watch Mo, Pooey (R.I.P.bro), D-von not avon, capman, hoodyman & Brad...all the best with marriage dude, bring on the mini Brads

& this is 'ol Greg after a box a "Santiago" & a day a shredding the loose streets of Melbs!

Pete Cooper wanting the always elusive "fire hydrant" to piss on @ Motion in Bristol.

"where the hell's that fire hydrant at?"

on a random tip, if ya in Wanaka on a Sunday grab a pint & kick it with Chilla Hi-Fi 4pm under the sun with me & a few buddies spin'in tunes yup wax (vinyl) reggae, funk, soul, hip hop, ska, dub, electro, rock, dubstep etc etc etc goodtimes!

lake Wanaka, jet boat's & dam seagulls

oh gosh, i don't know how she got there?


mike said...

lookback photo was rad as shit place looks fun, thanks for the nude aswell

TRUBMX said...

yeah Greig's bang'in wit a cam for sure....Chelse Medley they'll be more a her for sure! Ride on dude!