Tuesday, March 31, 2009

G-Town Trail Jam!

Scott's been talk'in bout it for a while now, so it's rad to see it's on, with hot girls tooo mmmm but how hot an i hope there in bikini's an let us jump 'em, hit this if ya wanna see more of Scott's dirty trannys in his back yard, of course. Shit the roll in scares me it's like 25ft high hahaha ya hit'in that lippy shit fast man..... up ya fuck'in go BBRRAAAUUUPPPPP! Those who ain't been to 'em the house is just to the right of the dude standin in d flier (Asher?) Big ups to Scott for the trannys to blast, dam savage set up & he's dam brave lett'in a whole heap of BMX'ers get wild in his yard hahah I might even try an get up there for this! But for now it's of to Stony for a few days ride'in some nice 'ol hills! Dig Trails!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

trails etiquette/common sense eh

the pics say it all, right! So check Jared's dirty habit out @ NaturalBMX! Respect the rules! Ozzie trail vid out soon, real soon keep ya eye's on those loyal rats @ Backbone BMX

windy days & fix'in dirty trannys

little 'ol hip! NO SKIDS KIDS!

fix'd up.....this place is slowly start'in to run smooth, just so many dam stones in the crap dirt used (an old graded up road) if it's in the back yard why not roll it & look after it aye! Dial that shit in eh!

it's been dam windy..no surprise tho that's wanaka for ya, so it's safer being grounded, so that local public jump park "Losemore" has been get'in a little love ie picking stones out of trannys & landings, sort'in some lips out, drainage & sort'in out the sand pit last landing, a big ol "NO SKIDDING" & " WATER & SWEAP B4 RIDING" sign is needed badly! WATER is all this place ever needs, the local kids need to get on to it water & sweap the lines b4 they ride 'em, just a little initiative is needed ie get some watering cans fools dam just take ya folks water can or buy one, it's soo dam thirsty & exposed to the bitch wind, which dry's it all out. It seems that the boys that built it have realized that they need to sort the drainage out, bit slow on the up take tho haha but good to see! Winters not here just yet so been lazy on digg'in @ the hideout, while the sun is out i think it's worth soak'in it up, but that'll all change as winter kicks in! Nuff dribble from me tho what do i know aye hahaha! DIG!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

this is funny as F#*K!

Sean Burns Video Bike Check from Eclat BMX on Vimeo.

it's rain'in hard in wanaka so what else do ya do when ya chill'in with the kids!! Ya might have seen it , ya might not have, it nearly made me piss my pants first time i watched it! Best bike check ever hhahahhaa!

Wanaka Park Plans!!!!!

Dan blast'in the wanaka mini

I just got sent thru the 3rd plans that Jason Parks, builder of the QT park has done for the park here in wanaka an they are look'in dam sick, nice little 3d animation, there's a full pipe corner an it's BIG, last time i mentioned full pipe it was not a possibility but who know's. The 2nd were some plans from some uther dude that came thru a few days ago but there all drawn by hand and make the park look like the biggest park on earth hahaha nice tho don't get me wrong, well drawn up fa sure. An the first plans were kinda based on Hastings in Vancouver an they looked sweet! So the 4th set will be done by Convict Design.

I'd like to show the little 3d animation of the plans Jason has done but i can't hahaa well not just yet anyway, as were still wait'in on the plans from Convict to come in. Then it's a matter of a few meetings with the Wanaka Skate Park Committee to decide on the best ideas from all the plans submitted then once we all know what were like'in i guess they'll be some final plans drafted up then...... i'll be able to show ya all, that's if Eddie lets me, come on Eddie if we show more peeps what's to come it'll help heaps with the fundraising side of it all!!

So don't forget the next "Build The Park Jam" here in wanaka is on the 25th April so if ya around get along an shredd it up for sweet cause, prizes ...who knows hahaha fun in the sun OH YES!!! Ride on BMX lovers & dig trails.....right.....safe!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wanaka "Build the Park Jam" round 1

here's bit of a slap together of footage from the 1st "Build The Park Jam" & i hate computers for many reasons haha! So I've been play'in with better toys like my bike, ya know enjoy'in the Gorge, hang'in at Stony Hills (cheers H & K for the roof) an do'in a few other missions while the sun's still around ... there's a fun new line @ Stony Hills that flows from the top thru a few gaps & get's ya back to the hut almost fun fun, loads of berms, a little dragon back, rollers & a nice kicker into the last landing (outside line) But back to the Jam it was a ripper of a day, no shitty wind all day & just loads of sun blast'in! So beer went down soo good! I was on the mic most of the day but no cotton mouth thanks to BEER!

The big boys who stole there little brothers bikes to ride like Jake Milburn (Oz), John Wells (Ireland) ,Mikey (Belgium) & Cam did a few dam stunts & had a dam good time! Ryan Corrigan even turn't up...but only a day late haha nice dude tho, happy travels Ryan. The little punks were ripp'in Lewis from Alex, Hidz, Monty, Levi, Bean & that kid from dudz were get'in silly on sugar loaded fizzy drink all day & were send'in it for the crowd, shit even right into the crowd haha so even with most of the sponsors forget'in to send loot for the prize pool, dam slackers they are, the kids still got a few goodies so big up's to Mike @ ZombieBMX, Rachelle @ Cheapskates for com'in thru with some goodies for the riders!! And Ollie @ Kipor for the sweet generator..i'm buy'in one!

So the 2nd trubmx "build the park jam" is on the 25th April same park, same time ...flier soon come, i gota sort out some reliable sponsors first, or not even bother with sponsors haha still undecided on that topic tho, kids love prizes, a beer sponser maybe hahaha who said that? Get ya hands dirty, dig trails!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

trails r fun!

Dialed 603 Trail Mix from Johnny Herrick on Vimeo.

lots more sno on the hills today, it seems winter is here...chilly! Found this vid, sweet fun trails, dig!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Build The Park Jam

The weather forcast is look'in dope for this weekend, blue skies & fuck all wind ( it's a long forecast so who knows, fingaz crossed eh!), the rain hasn't washed the park away or my trails haha oh there was a little snow on a couple Mts dis morn, yep chilly! Some of the goodies are in the post & some arn't........ but hey it's all about just hav'in a sweet day roll'in the park & rais'in some loot for the new concrete to come, see ya on d weekend! The 2nd "Build The Park Jam" is gona happen on Saturday 25th April, flier to come! And here's a funny vid of Marley get'in jumped! Ya Dig!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Soul 3 - Fit Trails Tour (France)

This is dope so watch it! Dropsy,Inman & Hawk kill'in it in Frenchy land at a few super sweet sets of trails! I've be lov'in this bit a footage for a while now cheers to Mikey hook'in us up wit Soul 3, ler french video mag, it's dam good, there's another mean bit of footage from a wee town in frog land were they make those dam big airbus planes....Keep it green, it's herb awareness week, d herb even has an apperance in the fit bonus in d vid above, enjoy! Search for the dvd it's worth find'in. I'm hang'in for some fun trail action oh yes & in a couple a weeks i'll be all over Stony Hills once again, such a sweet set of trails, it's good to be under tree's flow'in lines, crank'in d BBQ, look'in out to sea & good organic beer yes yes! Does everybody these days have Pugs at their trails...you'd think so aye! Dig on...winters a com'in!

FU's legs are to short & he lost his inhaler, so he got a lift home today with Eilish & Dharcy hahhaa! How's the smile, freak out!

Monday, March 2, 2009

trubmx "Build The Park Jam" 14th march

Pete Cooper thrown a table outa d big bowl, Wanaka Park photo & flier by trubmx

Yo lifes busy & here's the flier finaly for the wanaka "Build The Park Jam", the next flier will have all the dates coming up over the next 6 months ie a jam every month to help raise funds for our park here in lil ol wanaka! So yeah that's gona make life a lil busy, with diggin, rais'in 3 kids & play'in on my bike! Hit the flier an save to ya computer & spread it around man!! Cheers to everyone help'in out with the prize loot, See ya 'll soon!