Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Soul 3 - Fit Trails Tour (France)

This is dope so watch it! Dropsy,Inman & Hawk kill'in it in Frenchy land at a few super sweet sets of trails! I've be lov'in this bit a footage for a while now cheers to Mikey hook'in us up wit Soul 3, ler french video mag, it's dam good, there's another mean bit of footage from a wee town in frog land were they make those dam big airbus planes....Keep it green, it's herb awareness week, d herb even has an apperance in the fit bonus in d vid above, enjoy! Search for the dvd it's worth find'in. I'm hang'in for some fun trail action oh yes & in a couple a weeks i'll be all over Stony Hills once again, such a sweet set of trails, it's good to be under tree's flow'in lines, crank'in d BBQ, look'in out to sea & good organic beer yes yes! Does everybody these days have Pugs at their'd think so aye! Dig on...winters a com'in!

FU's legs are to short & he lost his inhaler, so he got a lift home today with Eilish & Dharcy hahhaa! How's the smile, freak out!


Anonymous said...

You got FU back? or is this FU version 2?

TRUBMX said...

yeah we got the Fu back! Who eva Fu-napped him got over Fu's noise, fur & cock juice hahahhaa an they took him to the SPCA in Dunedin a month after they took him, awesome good Karma prevails, i gave the Dunedin SPCA $300 after the Tim Hales Shredathon last year!