Tuesday, March 31, 2009

G-Town Trail Jam!

Scott's been talk'in bout it for a while now, so it's rad to see it's on, with hot girls tooo mmmm but how hot an i hope there in bikini's an let us jump 'em, hit this if ya wanna see more of Scott's dirty trannys in his back yard, of course. Shit the roll in scares me it's like 25ft high hahaha ya hit'in that lippy shit fast man..... up ya fuck'in go BBRRAAAUUUPPPPP! Those who ain't been to 'em the house is just to the right of the dude standin in d flier (Asher?) Big ups to Scott for the trannys to blast, dam savage set up & he's dam brave lett'in a whole heap of BMX'ers get wild in his yard hahah I might even try an get up there for this! But for now it's of to Stony for a few days ride'in some nice 'ol hills! Dig Trails!

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