Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Scott's dirty tranny's !!

i think that's Scott , were are the flames man ?

the pet cemetery is on steroids man ! I like trannys too , big tall ones covered in PVC

mmm nice soil in south Canterbury aye or is it North Otago ??

there a straight lot arn't they , these tranny's , bit like a X games set up ! Peering down from alow flying orbit !

Scott's a naughty boy, his Mum & Dad just let him dig up the yard !!! Keep adding new lines bro , utilze the house man ! wall rides , roof rides thru the kitchen window rides hahha i want to see flames man !! Keep diggin digger

Scott Irvine sent me a few shot's a while back of his dirty goodness & mini ramp....... looks like a dope set up , Scott is a stuntman ,from a sleepy wee southern town, his plans.... to dominate the world of dirt trickery, the devil dared him to, so now he heals quick , goes big & he mos def has skills , so look out world this dirty tranny hit'in soul sellin devil machine riding boy is on a rampage hahhaha ..... hence all d dirty tranny's in his backyard , an i hear there real dirty & the 30 foot roll in is a good place to take young girls for a bit off....... well that shit is gonna send ya ,break ya, snap ya , just straight up skool ya ass haha i hope ya back on ya devil machine bro , dam, can ya see those tranny's from ya bed man ? Must be torture if ya can ! Just remember to relax when a tranny hit's ya , whoops i mean when ya hit those tranny's ie keep it mello man !!hahhaa ...... can't wait to have a roll Scott ... see ya soon ya little prick !!
EDITORS NOTE SUCKAZ : if ya ain't seen the rulin Kiwi film "The Devil Dared Me To" ya won't get the humour ie South Canterbury stylee ya F*#k'in little pricks !