Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tim Hales Wanaka Shredathon prizes prt 1 !!

REBELYELL goodness get's d 'ol thumb's up from Marley man !

Here be all the details , get up down here for it !!!

The 1st of the goodies have started to arrive for the TIM HALES WANAKA SHREDATHON prize pool , REBELYELL BMX MAG a bunch of the " The Photo Issue" , T-s & Stickers ! There's also going to be a article writen by me that's gona be in REBELYELL a bit after the 1st " Tim Hales Wanaka Shredathon " along with a few photo's that Tim Pierce is gona take on the day , well that's if Sam from Revolutionnz don't serve up the goods as i hear from Dave Johnson that he's bit of a hot shot with a camera , game on fellaz , ya can have a best shot shoot out battle !! And if ya realy dig REBELYELL you can vote for it , hit this link an check the top left hand side of the page !

Either way , i'm sure all the shot's will be dope , then it's all upto Chris Polack @ REBELYELL as it's his mag man !! One hell of a dope mag !! WORD ! ... in fact the best down under BMX mag !! WORD UP ! Get yaself a copy from Revolutionnz , the new "Road Trip Issue" is hotter than the girl next door , has bigger tricks & stunts than her boobs man , oh an full of big dope glossy PHOTOS ! F*#k all adds , that's what ya want !! DIG TRAILS !!

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