Sunday, October 5, 2008

Queenstown Bowl update !

lots of fun to be had in this pit !!

yep lots a fun !

hit this wall an ya might just fly !!

The concrete has all been poured & the bowl is lookin soo smooth , the pool coping (tiles) is all that's needed an it'll all be ready to roll !! Keep the peace boys an respect the fence ie best to keep out of the pool or Jason my get just a bit pissed at ya !! Skate & BMX politics are dumb enough with out more fuel put on d fire !!! Be patient an just wait till it opens !! An go find out if they need some help with the landscaping , get involved boy's, planting tree's is a good thang !

An i just gotta say the dirtfarmer has been doing some time behind the loader & shovel down at Gorge road , it's all looking real dam sweet all the existing lines have had an overhaul the new lines are nice 'n' big , gona be a whole lota fun & loads of big transfers lines for ya to get silly on , ya might even be up for some stunts & trix if ya that way inclined !!

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