Monday, October 20, 2008

Off 2 Stony Hills 5 days of trails !!

new styles Stony Hillz -bottom section

Stony Hillz - chillin

Hideout - dad & son headin home fa Kai

spring @ d Hideout

Baby number 3 ain't far off !!! AARRHHHH !! hahha all good

Just about to boost to d coast for a few nice days @ Stony Hillz , Trails oh Yeah , The Hideout is getting there & now the 1/4 are in d woods , finaly & what a mish , cheers ta Dan , Ben for a top job hahha !! An just gota share Chelle's belly with ya all , it's big & theres still 2 months of groth for the baby to go , it's gona be massive haha . Nuff said fresh snaps after the weekend !!


Sammy said...

now those are trails! PLEASE tel me these are in nz!?

TRUBMX said...

Yep they sure are in NZ !! The location is low key , so i can't tell ya were they are (i'm sure you can understand) all i can say is that Stony Hillz is loads of fun man !! Straight up , Henry Devereaux (the owner) & Simon Hellier are there almost everyday workin there magic ! Big Ups diggers !!