Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Siligna woods ! Caleb's trails northside.

this is Matty @ POSH , PA Woods (Pennsylvania) U.S.A.

sorry got ya all going aye , i love this shot (above) PA is short for Pennsylvania not pah OK ! http://www.pawoods.com/ for more trail goodness !! When i read the caption under the photo 20/20 ran of Caleb clicked in a well clicked turndown ( if ya read the mag you should know the shot) it was dope to see another solo digger building trails , Respect ! Such a good way to have total creative control of the dirt ya playin with !! Welcome to the world of blogging bro hahah also a good creative outlet full of jibba jabba like mine haha, any way here's the link http://www.silignawoods.blogspot.com/ loads of shots of Caleb's handy work , an a very nice shot of Robbo @ Catty hit'in the mad as 360 berms , lines everywhere . New Zealand's trail scene is start'in to take off ! Big up's to the trail heads out there ,you know who you are , keep on diggin ! Come on H your next to blog it all, did ya find ya charger , i'm still waitin on those shots of Stony Hills ya 24traildread ! Nuff wit d jibba jabba suckaz !

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