Friday, October 31, 2008


Hit the photo of Mikey styl'in it up & flow him some much needed $$$$$

Yo yo yo everybody !! Pay attention please one of the stylest all round riders of our time needs our help !! If don't all ready know Mike went down hard @ POSH earlier this month (October), an has some serious head trauma , was KO'd , never came to at the trails , was rushed by ambulance to the I.C.U @ Bethlehem hospital in P.A. The medical bills will be huge !! Mike Aitken's Wife , Son & Parents all flew in from Salt Lake City (UTAH) to be with him , that's what family is all about man , if ya go down hard their there for you to help you get thru.

Were all part of the big global BMX family an we need to help out !!! Mike rules it big time so dig deep into ya wallet an hit this link to 50/50 (Fuzzy Halls bike shop in UTAH) , when your profession is riding BMX & ya livin in the U.S.A. it makes it pretty much impossible to get health insurance , Mike's wife & son are insured but because of what Mike loves to do a BMX , he can't get any insurance !!! I think ya all get what i'm say'in , so do the right thang man !! If ya love BMX as much as we all do , you wont even think twice about flow'in a $20 Mike's way, or more if ya got it , every little bit of $$$ is gonna help !!! Mike's recovery is on , lots of positive news here at his website , Mike's family has been posting the good news & he's getting better !!
Get well soon Mike , the world needs ya man !! Your a big inspiration to us all !! RESPECT !! ONE LOVE !!

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