Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Ligera treats

Arhh me harties , Halloween badness ARHHHHH ARHHHH !

Ligera's AARRHH a treat on dirt man , it's dusty & dry round here , they got dope grip man !

If yarhhh lookin for a nice trails tyre , track some Ruben Ligera's down , well good rubber !

It's Halloween man an Marley's as bad ass as the new Fly Bikes Ruben Ligera's tyres ,there a treat man, no tricks here , i've been running em for a week now an there dope on dirt & still sweet on concrete (110 psi if ya need it , just watch the speed dust on d rubber when ya hit concrete tho or you willl wash out haha i did , very funny hi speed madness) , an the sound they make in a bowl is choice as !! Hit up Revolutionnz an find out when there getting them in stock ! They can't be far off ! In the mean time you can get them here ARRRHHHH ARHHHHH ! Dig trails AARRHHHHH !!

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