Wednesday, September 30, 2009


euro Tim...somewhere in d above us all!

Big up's to all who took time out last week on the 21st SepTIMber to remember the kiwi bmx shred'in beast Tim Hales (R.I.P's)...he would've been psyched on ya all! Big up's to Luke Batchelor for the pic's, cheers bro! So here's a update on the 2nd annual trubmx "TIM HALES WANAKA SHREDATON" it's go'in down 2oth March 2010, to finish off the Month of Mayhem & help raise $$$ for wanaka sk8 park's new extentions!!! So get on get down/up/over to wanaka an shred it up for Tim! This year Fly Bikes is back on board thanks to Guiri & Dave @ Fly Bikes, along with The Anchor (big up's Leigh) & Rebelyell BMX mag (big ups to ya Chris)! So psyched on all your support 2nd year running the THWS.

Plus this year Backbone BMX have got in on it with Rhysty giv'ing a complete FIT TRL Aitken to give away to some lucky shred'in kid or we'll auction it to the highest for the park man! Ben Seek's help'in out with his new Christchurch based online shop "Insideline" check it out & show ya support! The Redbull mafia be there crank'in out some wing loaded juice to get ya boost'in! And local help from Kahu Youth, Snowdrifta & just wait'in to hear from a couple more, yup gonna have loads a goodies to give away this year....Massive thanks goes out to you all for you support & radness...i'll have the flyer out in a week...stay tuned & ride on!!

Tim Hales rip'in Ruben's ditch in melb's

Monday, September 28, 2009

yup trails.......yup roast'in.

sweet vid, sweet tunes & sweet roast'in in the woods........MONTH OF MAYHEM 2010! dig or die! Insideline is up & running, so check it out & support a tru mainland BMX can load ya cart up know & spend ya $$$$!

Stony Hills Trail Jam...2010 ...update

The 1st annual "Stony Hills Trail Jam" is locked in for the 2010 summer 25-28th of Feb and sponsors are all confirming there support with the most resent addition to the lineup being the RED BULL mafia!!!!

a few words from Stony trailboss Henry "A big thanks has to goes out to Redbull for stepping up giving us the opportunity to make the SHTJ an event that gets etched into your calender every year for years to come, everyone knows Red bull doesn't fuck around when it comes to supporting this kind of thing and i am super stoked to say they are associated with the Stony Hills Trail Jam.

We are currently discussing wether there will be a cash prize purse for the podium and i really hope this can happen as it always makes people step it up but also will help with paying for the "Month of Mayhem" so let your boss know you are taking a month off ,mid Jan to mid Feb 2010. James @ trubmx has confirmed Rebelyell, tha bad ass Mark Noble with his trail steeze Deluxe bmx, Rhysty @ backbone is also onboard along with Ben Seek's Insideline (new CHCH BMX shop) plus Fox, Adidas and Wideopen to name a few more!

So things are looking good from a sponsor point of view. We also hope to have camping on site for those that get here on the 25th and help out a little with some last digs b4 d jam, there should be water and basic facility's avalible also. The poster is underway at the moment and will be on trubmx first so keep an eye out in the next few weeks for that one. I will also be leaking the comp format in the next few months for those of you with ya eye on the prize, so make sure you get ya style dialed in as this will be judged a little different to most!

If anyone is in Dunedin over the next few months and wants to check the trails out, remember TRAILS ETIQUETTE APPLES.....Yes the jam is open to all riders that weekend, but until then the No Dig-No Ride policy is in place so come lend a hand, have a ride and enjoy the trails if you want. More info coming soon

Sunday, September 27, 2009

cowboy's roast'in...Austin TEXAS yeewwwww!

this is a little old, but is still dope, watch it & more of Chad Treanor's vids slap tha link diggers! Dig & roast man.....yeeeeeeeewwwwwww!

fairfiled 93 till infinity?

holy shit it's been along time since the days of hang'in & roll'in fAIRfield, Tony kno's all about 'em he lived there under the ramps. 5ft & 7ft with spine their still there but the DCC has fuct them up by covering 'em with metal & put'in a coping the size of a drain on 'em, Clinton's send'in it, shit he always used to send it, tailwhips, 540's etc etc & now he's riding again, i hooked him up wit a raw Pantera 2 just recently, he painted it pink hahha i guess he likes his pink bits aye......i'm the punk on the deck rock'in the chrome 88 haro sport with 'em wide as fuck Bully bars, i sooo wana chrome devil machine again, memory lane & goodtimes! Cheers for the pic's Clintbooston! MONTH OF MAYHEM 2010 NZ! When the shit goes down ...ya bettter be ready!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

La Source Trail Jam 3

3rd la Source jam just went down recently in france......yet another good reason why i'm get my ass to europe this time next year ...france, germany, spain, belgium & UK have all got dam sweet trail scenes go'in on....trails is screaming....dig & roast

Friday, September 25, 2009

Dammo rip'in UK

dave kings dropped yet another dope trail vid...mmmmmm MONTH OF MAYHEM..2010...jan-feb OTAGO, NEW ZEALAND's dirty deep south.....

trail booze'in

bit drunk'in roast'in @ Punjab's trails? hahha.........Month Of Mayhem ...NEW ZEALAND....Feb- March 2010, 2nd annual trubmx" Tim Hales Wanaka Shredaton" 20th Feb, 1st "Stony Hills Trail Jam" 25-28th Feb, Farm Jam 6th march & "The Gorge Road Trails Jam" 14th march...flyers out SOON...YEEEEWWWWWWWWWW! Come get ya roast on! BBrrraauuupppppp!

Gypsy's travel?

grab a beer, an lounge it up while these gypsy's yeagle, nutter, matty, renolds & zak shred & fuck about ,the words about d credence gypsy in DIG are a dam laugh, but the this vid sooo takes ya there, the nutter is a & yeagle's manual's are re dic! Enjoy

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

MONTH OF MAYHEM.......2010

Dan Yeoman shredingaton @ 1st Tim Hales Wanaka Shredaton

stony hills topside, there's a lot ya can't see, plus fresh new stuff to roast, read the sign!

right the rumours are tru the Month of Mayhem is going down 2010. The radness all ends with 2nd annual trubmx "TIM HALES WANAKA SHREDATON" 20th March, come ride & remember the shreda Tim Hales (R.I.P.s) & raise funds for our parks new kick it all off tho it's Dunedin 25th-28th Febuary it's the "STONY HILLS TRAIL JAM" yup open to public for 2 days practice & 2 days jam'in, the only chance ya gona get to ride our trails wit out DIG'in fools, unless ya case & wreak shit!..........6th March "THE FARM JAM" so get down to Winton & have a swede time on d farm....... 9th marxh see's the Kink US pro team roast it up @ the Gorge rd trails, then 2 wrap it all up 14th March "GORGE ROAD TRAIL JAM" Queenstown some shit will get thrown down here man...... goods up for grabs, stay tuned for flyers as they're get ya flights booked man & tell ya boss ya need a holiday down d dirty deep south to roast shit up! Fuck yeah!

Ben Seek another trail lov'in fiend has a started up a new online BMX shop Inside Line is open boy's, go have a look & terment yaselfabit, hold on to ya $$$$ tho, ya can't load ya cart up just yet...Ben said " by the end of next week the site will be running then ya load ya carts up & spend ya folks $$$$$" so show ya support on the mainland man INSIDE LINE yes yes yes a real BMX SHOP! Nice work Ben, ya sites look'in loaded!


Kane whip'in it good @ stony hills

Bad ass Mikey clicked @ Gorge Road open day

TIM HALES R.I.P.s 24/04/84 - 21/09/08

Tim Hales that Kiwi cat send'in it in Melb's photo; Chris Pollack

here a few pic's (cheers Luke) of what The Anchor boy's got up to to remember that freaky dance'in, cat lov'ing shreda Tim Hales......ride on for eva man & keep an eye on us all Tim! You'll always be remembered!

Greg riding a fitzy fence with Leigh lead'in it, high speed mayhem fueled by beer & Tim's spirit!

"ahh hahhaa i bleed for Tim" Greg after a few hit's get'in the fence ride on!
(yes that's Tim on Greg's "Fiend Fund" t-shirt)

fresh paint in Fitzy bowl,yes d elusive Acid Cat.......Tim's alter ego?

open a beer for Tim, there's one these @ The Anchor & Fitzy Bowl, always remembering & always boozing...ride on

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Monty who?

Monty's been suspended from skool, so he hassels me instead what a punk "I'd rather ride than pass exams hahaha" come on Monty be cool stay in skool man!


bita eastside for ya, dam nice trails! No dig = no roast

Monday, September 21, 2009

DIG & Robbo

kick that shit Robbo! Fashion nope Style yes!

frog's tales

my wrists are poo these days...back's not far behind either so dig trails!

the new dig is dope as, an the Robbo interview is a good read, such a shame to hear Villij will be all gone soon, good luck with the new spot guys & the Anthem 2 euro trash trip dribble by Sean Burns is a fuck'in laugh plus loads more good shit to read about so get dig on tap...subscribe, read dig & ride! Oh yeah this auzzie radness can't far away from drop'in ...unless it's like Anthem'in just keeps go'in on!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

this is Stefan.....

an Stefan is kill'in it! The new dig is pretty dam dope i finaly got a copy in my gruby hands, curved wall rides are sooo fun...gotta go fast tho hahaa. There's a sweet one in dunedin at the old petrol station headin up from caversham to lookout point, it's near the bottom on ya left go'in up. Hit it up, b4 it's gone! An WTF is go'in on here

09 Steven Murray Jam

Mpora's loaded full a some goodvids, here's more sweet footy of the 09 Stay Strong Murray Jam, goodtimes. Summers so almost here down under it seems! Oooh here's a wee lismore update it's kinda look'in alright sort of for a public "mountain bike freestyle park"? That's what it's called & what it caters for. It's roll'in 17th october by what i've read on a few posters around wanaka, it'll cost ya $10, official open day is 24th Oct $?, so see ya there 25th (they'll be lot less people blinding ya with camera flash's), i'll get a pic or 2 in a fortnight.

The Wanaka BMX Inc is still in formation we'll be push' n for a public bmx freestyle park? (yup, public trails) as soon as were formed, I'm at the stage of drafting up the rules & almost got 16 committe members, cheers to the local wanaka mums, dads & BMX'ers over 18 (relax, any age can join onlycommitte members have 2b ova 18) plus all you peeps supporting us on facecrack, your support is awesome! We'll be hav'in a jam to help pay the fee's, 31st october @ wanaka skate park, flyer soon........Month a Mayhem 2010! update.........soon come!

More stephen-murray BMX >>

oxford trails

are bad ass & so's Lima, so get onto it,tune in & dig!

Friday, September 18, 2009

a few locals

James, 1st spring roast @ stony hills

gumboot roll in.... do u like ya greens?

Henry wit tabo

Monty stly'in & stay'in outa trouble hahaha!

henry wit 'ol hip 2 toe jam

yeah yeah ya've all seen it

so what i'm lov'in the big view, i run this shit & just i case ya ain't seen any of FOX's Andalucia vids, part3 is sweet to get ya psyched......with what ever it is ya gonna do after ya watch it......dig or ride it's your choice just make it count! prt 1 & 2 are pretty dam chooooooice too! I never seen 'em b4, i got on the wrong boat?

The Month A Mayhem begins 20th FebTIMuary 2010, 2nd Annual "Tim Hales Wanaka Shredaton" followed by a hole lotta roast'in, you'll kno all about it very soon! STAY TUNED & tell ya boss ya gonna need another holiday!

Andalucia Part Three from FoxHeadInc on Vimeo.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

catty is legit!

had a nosey over at pawoods to see how the whole legal drama's go'in on with catty & read that the locals have finally got catty legit, fuck yeah! Them woods is saved, such rad news, Marky T's also rad, does alot of digg'in, enjoys his birthday suit & roast's it up.......& Slattery, dam i'm sure he must dig as good as his style is, just watch these boys kill it @ catty & POSH........yup these two got style for miles man.

The more peeps out their dig'in means more trails, simple math! I hope these vids inspire more boys to dig, reap the rewards that are up on offer if ya kno how to shovel dirt & pile it up, build ya scene man! Hide ya hard work & or get a legit spot! So if ya ain't seen any of those dam sweet pawoods vids, holy shit your sooo backwards go fakie backflipwhip something hahaha, a new vids com'in so hang on ta ya slams man! Get to pawoods an help them raise some cash! Catty so deserves ya help, even if ya never get to ride catty, pay ya respects to one of the raddest set's a trails on EARTH!!!

trails are scream'in you dig = no roast

get ready man.......summertime's com'in

watch this first.........

well i think this vid is dope! Watch it......Mark Dropsey this to get ya'll psyched on surfin dirt? Month of Mayhem.....park, trails, goodtimes...begins Feb 2010, roll on summer!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

if u go in 2 the woods today.........

your in for a nice surprise....lights in the woods......trails is scream' dig no roast

chertsey & oxford roast'in

if ya ain't seen any footy from the oakley national trails champs that's been go'in on in d UK.....ya gonna love nice & keep a eye out for Robbo & Lima roast'in it huge....loks like eveyones hav'in such a goodtime! Dig trails

Sunday, September 6, 2009

stoneys wood

There are very few people who are as dedicated to trails as this guy. A real inspiration to us all.

Here's a little taster of his woods and just 1 of the lines...nice words Dave, respect to all the trail diggers out there who bust there asses & get it done, dig & ride on!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

gumboot & jams i hear....

what kinda name is gumboot ?

feel like were get'in somewhere at gumboot, good work boys, cheers for the help. An dam there's some good times lined up around the south for d summer of 2010, a trifecta a radness.......20th feb 2nd Annual "Tim Hales Wanaka Shredaton", then the weekend after it we down to stony hills for the "Stony Hills Trail Jam" 25-28, jam go'in down on the 27 & 28 with a couple a days b4 hand for ya to tune into the hills, it's not gonna be ya average jam & judging, ya gonna get judged on ya style man & not so much on ya stunts & tricks, so bring ya trail steeze with ya, ya'll be able to camp out at the trails with me & fu.......ya might not get to sleep much as that dog can snore! Then the 5th march it's the Frew Farm Jam......i also here theres gonna be a couple a jams at the the gorge also, one in December & another near d end a summer, yup loads a dirt to roast up & concrete to shredaton.......flyer's out soon....dig & ride on!!!! the new dig will b here soon...thanks loui's mum! Yeeeewwwwwww!

summer daze....

mikey's a dam euro

John's custom seat .......ahh the irish.

monty styl'in it

Hidz...kill'in it

Henry yup tabo

Monty & empty

Henry has facial's like scotty crammer...hahahahha.

Monty...even after split'in his chin open an get'in 4 stiches....styl'in it, dog piss step off? Rad

was a blue bird day on saturday, finaly felt like summers almost back, sun blast'in, no wind, shirt's of for the girls & a empty skank park as every one's play'in in that snow stuff? So i took a few pic's, found a few Monty sent me a while back & don't for get to sign up to Wanaka BMX Inc....not much paaper work to go.....ride on!

Friday, September 4, 2009

crompton spot

B-rad being Brad in crompton pic ?

Will Harris..... yes, crompton pic Beech or Beach?

There's a load of us out there who kno put all this together, big ups to those dam 2 Ozzie rippers B-rad & Ricky, The 1/4's to the right of tight rhythm, if ya ain't rolled the spot, i was down in crompton last week & the local bogans have fuct up the 1/4, try'in to air their mrk 4 cortina's & escort's by the look of the rubber on it, it's like riding a nacho now ie wack, so who's keen around this ass end of the country to get out there & fix it up......hola back, need winch but can be done with long cable & trust, once in place quick crete will hold it there...... summer's com'in an this spot is fun!

fuck'in stumps!

got a bit carried away last night dig'in in d woods, had gas on hand for gene & had to sort a few stumps out...i find this method dodgy....i have no eye brows left hahha. dig trails!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Aliano's trails...09 Stay Strong Murray Jam

Aliano's to enlarge!

seen this up over @ deluxe, a real sweet vid, all the action went down a couple a weeks ago to help raise funds for d UK's Stephen Murray! If ya keen to help Stephen Murray check out the stay strong store & if ya don't know who Stephen is have a read while ya there, he was a hell of a dam sweet trail rider who needs our help. Stay Strong!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

ozzie diggers

spring is i the air & dam i'm psyched on this vid , 2 real fun sets a trails deep in the tick & snake infested ozzie bush! Look out for those dam infamous drop bears man haha! Sweet edit Damo......beautiful trails so dialed, red & god dam that's a huge step up! Dig the earth man & pile that dirt up.......roast 'em!