Tuesday, September 1, 2009

ozzie diggers

spring is i the air & dam i'm psyched on this vid , 2 real fun sets a trails deep in the tick & snake infested ozzie bush! Look out for those dam infamous drop bears man haha! Sweet edit Damo......beautiful trails so dialed, red & god dam that's a huge step up! Dig the earth man & pile that dirt up.......roast 'em!


Anonymous said...

they are so fun them 2 aye they are like 30 mins drive from each other haha

trubmx - trail riders untited bicycle motocross said...

that's dope man, is the uther spot have any thing to do with the dude who started gully rd (berowra) i hear the old gully got flattened, was a fun spot! No names & keep ya trails secret.