Sunday, September 27, 2009

fairfiled 93 till infinity?

holy shit it's been along time since the days of hang'in & roll'in fAIRfield, Tony kno's all about 'em he lived there under the ramps. 5ft & 7ft with spine their still there but the DCC has fuct them up by covering 'em with metal & put'in a coping the size of a drain on 'em, Clinton's send'in it, shit he always used to send it, tailwhips, 540's etc etc & now he's riding again, i hooked him up wit a raw Pantera 2 just recently, he painted it pink hahha i guess he likes his pink bits aye......i'm the punk on the deck rock'in the chrome 88 haro sport with 'em wide as fuck Bully bars, i sooo wana chrome devil machine again, memory lane & goodtimes! Cheers for the pic's Clintbooston! MONTH OF MAYHEM 2010 NZ! When the shit goes down ...ya bettter be ready!

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