Friday, September 18, 2009

yeah yeah ya've all seen it

so what i'm lov'in the big view, i run this shit & just i case ya ain't seen any of FOX's Andalucia vids, part3 is sweet to get ya psyched......with what ever it is ya gonna do after ya watch it......dig or ride it's your choice just make it count! prt 1 & 2 are pretty dam chooooooice too! I never seen 'em b4, i got on the wrong boat?

The Month A Mayhem begins 20th FebTIMuary 2010, 2nd Annual "Tim Hales Wanaka Shredaton" followed by a hole lotta roast'in, you'll kno all about it very soon! STAY TUNED & tell ya boss ya gonna need another holiday!

Andalucia Part Three from FoxHeadInc on Vimeo.

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