Thursday, September 17, 2009

catty is legit!

had a nosey over at pawoods to see how the whole legal drama's go'in on with catty & read that the locals have finally got catty legit, fuck yeah! Them woods is saved, such rad news, Marky T's also rad, does alot of digg'in, enjoys his birthday suit & roast's it up.......& Slattery, dam i'm sure he must dig as good as his style is, just watch these boys kill it @ catty & POSH........yup these two got style for miles man.

The more peeps out their dig'in means more trails, simple math! I hope these vids inspire more boys to dig, reap the rewards that are up on offer if ya kno how to shovel dirt & pile it up, build ya scene man! Hide ya hard work & or get a legit spot! So if ya ain't seen any of those dam sweet pawoods vids, holy shit your sooo backwards go fakie backflipwhip something hahaha, a new vids com'in so hang on ta ya slams man! Get to pawoods an help them raise some cash! Catty so deserves ya help, even if ya never get to ride catty, pay ya respects to one of the raddest set's a trails on EARTH!!!

trails are scream'in you dig = no roast

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