Wednesday, September 30, 2009


euro Tim...somewhere in d above us all!

Big up's to all who took time out last week on the 21st SepTIMber to remember the kiwi bmx shred'in beast Tim Hales (R.I.P's)...he would've been psyched on ya all! Big up's to Luke Batchelor for the pic's, cheers bro! So here's a update on the 2nd annual trubmx "TIM HALES WANAKA SHREDATON" it's go'in down 2oth March 2010, to finish off the Month of Mayhem & help raise $$$ for wanaka sk8 park's new extentions!!! So get on get down/up/over to wanaka an shred it up for Tim! This year Fly Bikes is back on board thanks to Guiri & Dave @ Fly Bikes, along with The Anchor (big up's Leigh) & Rebelyell BMX mag (big ups to ya Chris)! So psyched on all your support 2nd year running the THWS.

Plus this year Backbone BMX have got in on it with Rhysty giv'ing a complete FIT TRL Aitken to give away to some lucky shred'in kid or we'll auction it to the highest for the park man! Ben Seek's help'in out with his new Christchurch based online shop "Insideline" check it out & show ya support! The Redbull mafia be there crank'in out some wing loaded juice to get ya boost'in! And local help from Kahu Youth, Snowdrifta & just wait'in to hear from a couple more, yup gonna have loads a goodies to give away this year....Massive thanks goes out to you all for you support & radness...i'll have the flyer out in a week...stay tuned & ride on!!

Tim Hales rip'in Ruben's ditch in melb's

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