Thursday, October 1, 2009

Reign Green Kult.........

had a chat to Ed Cardiff today on 'ol facecrack, ahhh it brings us dirty digg'in bmx lov'in freaks together, that facecrack time wast'in thang haha Ed's a eastside local & throw's shovels at slackers who don't dig! Brothers in arms man! Fuck yeah if only half of 'em would work it out & help dig, phat don't rock up to peeps trails & expect to roast with out help'in out....common sense really! An after a few days digg'in ya might get to roast some.......Ed droped Reign Green Cult on me, it's about a month old, check it out, it's full a random suprises like the vid below, it's from a couple trail seasons ago & filmed at those dope spots in P.A. we all kno & draw sooo much inspiration from, such radness!

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