Monday, October 19, 2009

Fly plastic & steel

well i never thought i'd do it, run plastic pedals that is, sorry Turnando, if ya wanna spray 'em pink come get me hahah (my metal Ruben pedals still rule) All plastic pedals seem to do is flex, have no grip when ya kicks get wet & are for trend whores who care about weight & still wear studded belts hahahha but the new Fly Bikes "graphite" Ruben pedals feel sweet, don't flex & still grip when wet i've found (Etnies -Rascoe/Taj) & now i fit in with the kids i've been accepted hahaha! Big up's to Guiri @ Fly Bikes for 'em you rule man cheers for everything! They'll be available December 09 along with all the new 2010 Fly Bikes goodies. Ride on & dig trails!

hahaha everyone else show's off their rides, so it's my turn. Fly Bikes "Luna" it kicks ass & i love it....i'm off to stony hills for 5 days......latter, go ride!

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