Wednesday, November 25, 2009

PA WOODS 10yr dvd's are coming!

Sam fall euro'in @ Catty

respect the rules!

Caleb kick'in it @ Catty

I've got a bunch a copies of the new PA WOODS 10 year dvd coming so first in first served, all proceeds go to help pay for insurance & leasing fee's at the now legit Catty trails! So if you've seen any PA WOODS dvd's or web vids ya kno ya in for a rad as treat! So get on to it diggers if ya want a copy (NZ ONLY), if needed i'll get Janis @ PA WOODS to send more, but 1st i'll see just how keen you kiwi trail heads are for some inspiration to dig trails ( an ride 'em ), so if ya want a copy e-mail: & i'll give you my bank account details so ya can pay ya $20, or post $20 in an envelope with ya address on it to:

P.O. Box 784

I've sold a few already so get to it or ya'll miss out!

if ya wanna help out a whole lot more buy a Catty Woods tee to from axlerad they've still got 'em on sale, same deal all proceeds go to the Catty trails fund!

So show ya respects an help these amazing diggers out, talk to Caleb he's been ,roasted, bruised his heals well good & even built some new stuff for 'em at Catty! That's respect & rad trails it's your turn to say "thanks for all the inspiration over the years" an to be inspired to DIG & KEEP TRAILS ALIVE!

Monday, November 23, 2009


Tom @ 1st " Tim Hales Wanaka Shredaton", don't forget 2nd "Tim Hales Wanaka Shredaton" 20th Feb 2010....the flyer for this is over due i kno....soon come tho!

Hucker @ Catty, dumped Catty & check out the new "PA Woods 10 year dvd" available at backbone & trubmx very soon! hold tight trail loving fiends.

road to nowhere? heading west along Ida Valley NZ

I had to post this, H dwarfed by grassed up lip @ stony hills.

FU camping @ stony, this dog is so lucky to be alive, a few of us watched in horror as his dumb ass tried to bite the front wheel of a large 4x4 & was run over by the rear wheel on sunday @ Danseys pass inn, it's amazing he's still alive! That makes it twice he's been run over, stolen once an i've lost count how many times i've run over him at the trails, he just want's to attack my Ruben rubber.....what's next?.....i think a leadis in order! safty 1st right.

dialed alright!

fresh footy from 603 trails, goodtimes!

Here it is. The new video we filmed during this Fall season. Features Johnny Herrick, Joel Evitts, Zak Early and Adam Spitalny.

french fried roast'in

Sunday, November 22, 2009


this is some classic footy! Robbo's even look'in well fit back then hahha!

Priest roast'in...

stumbled upon this geek'in out in cyberspace, Matt Priest play'in in the english woods. It's so dam windy here in wanaka so it's all about geeking out right drinking coffee & a bit a this.. Oh ahh!

in the desert! SLT

found this scan'in thru vimeo, thse days it seems fluro's are the new black haha WTF never black is black! But isn't it funny how fashion go's in circles..... lot's a lemming's out there these days with now stlye of they're own, stay oringinal suckaz! God dam Beringer's backyard is so rad....ramps, dirt, dog bowls, little huts & slides... now that's original! SLT radness..... "in the beginning" if ya ain't seen it find it!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

burnside madness!

this is dam retarded!

bubba's yard..holy shit!

James sure can kick it out!'s good to watch some thing dif, fast & large!

Stony trailboss H.D. bike check..

parts list....who cares...use ya eyes. Henry's new ride rules! Happy B day bro, welcome to being an ol bugger like me! Dirty 30's fa real man haha, I kno ya gonna heckle me for this, but god dam after roll'in that 20" on steriods which became a 24" when the kids bike feels to small i'm on one, it's a retirement plan right there! Dig & roast trails...H does, what's your excuse/excuses?

the message.

seen this up over at Deluxe, nice tee Mark & cheers for the tip off bro, i'm get'in one asap! C.A.S.E is a new UK bmx mag if ya into reading, i'm into the pics hahaha! I'm really loving the message on the tee man, get one here! BMX is & will stay owned by all of us BMX's out there, so support rider owned company's, shop's & local goods if ya can then your involved one way or another, bmx 4 life! (or until ya too old to ride one? hahaha) dig trails & ride

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rasta spirit!

This ain't the best vid or the whole song, but ya get the vibe! The Wailers skanked it for Bob Marley at their 1st of 4 NZ gigs in Queenstown last night, Roots rock reggae congo natty dread at it's best! They dropped all the tracks off "EXODUS" along with a few more classics. Jnr Marvin on lead guitar & vocals, such a treat to see one of Jamiaca's finest still alive an rock'in it & the rest of the band was tight! If ya get the chance to see The Wailers, don't pass it up. Big up's to Jono @ Revolver for put'in the gig on & hook'in us up!

Bob Marley lives on I- ternaly his soul & spirit is in his music! peace, love & unity! Jah love! Bless!


Monday, November 16, 2009

PA's decade of radness

Janis has droped the new "PA WOODS ten year dvd" check the teaser below! So all you dirty kiwi trail digging fiends out there in NZ hold tight, i'll have a bunch to sell in a few weeks it even comes with a few stickers so ya can rep the motherland! Keep an eye on backbone i'm sure Rhysty's gona have it in the shop soon! All proceeds to Catty Woods insurance bill, help support a rad as cause & dig trails!


sweet bit a roast'in go'in on here by Lima......

Saturday, November 14, 2009

tranny slaying!

Dean Hunt kill'in the QT bowl.

yup small shot, I stole it of Monty's face crack page, this transfer is fun good 3 second float & the speed ya get from it for the next tranny rules, dig & ride trails

tramp'in & kea search'in

Micheal's loving his water falls hahaha & NZ!

went for a good 'ol walk into the mountains with Micheal to take in some of Mt. Aspiring Nat. Park's beautiy & to find some elusive Kea to heckle our cheeky native parrot's, there's always a bunch of 'em up Rob Roy...but none to be seen the whole time we were up Rob Roy Valley, a little weird, scary really as Kea numbers are droping, some say it's the possum & alot more peeps these days are blaming the use of 1080 .....way to much 1080 get's dropped around here to try an control the possum that are a major prob to native wildlife & Flora....but every animal eats the cereal bait even Kea...... it kills everything! NZ is not so clean & green...DOC (department of conservation) condones 1080's use along with the NZ government as it's cheap & effective they say.....but at what cost? Pretty sad really! Put ya fist up & help stop the poisoning of paradise!

stony tease'in


finaly sorted thru a few pics from last weeks roady to stony hills, no loose riding shots, no one ever rides them aye hahaa! Henry's had been busy put'in in the bad ass new irrigation system over the past week, springlers can be run right thru stony now & they got good pressure, gotta love the water pump it's it kicks ass! A heap more digging was done & when we got a break in the wind, it was tools down to roast some! Big ups to Henry & Kylie for the bed....i think i'll sleep in the hut more, Monty & I camped it & it's good waking up at the trails. Props to Sam, Ewok, Clinton & Monty for just being keen to help dig......i can't wait to get back....only goodtimes to be had man! So if ya wanna roll 'em see ya at the Stony Hills Trail Jam 25-28th feb 2010! Yeeeeeeew!

do ya luv ya tartan

this vid is rad!

This Is an edit i made from a weekend at the start of the summer 2009 (before all the rain) its been up on youtube for while but I decide to upload it onto vimeo for a little better quality. It was filmed at Tartan down trails and at a friends trails, (Fergs) hope you enjoy and roll on next summer.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

bad karma goes out to....

a few fresh un-used carpet tacks i found on my drive way!

......the dodgy mother fucker/fuckers who thought it was a good idea to drop a heap a carpet tacks on the end of our drive way a week & 1/2 ago, yup a couple a boys got flats & we swept but missed a few & my 2 year old daughter Dharcy got 2 tacks in her foot!! You muther fucker/fuckers you've stooped to low this time, bad karma to ya bitch ass pussy's ...i can only think of one person who'd be so stupid enough to do something like kno who you are, wanaka's a small town so when i find out who did this look out!!! ON a positive tip i'll have a few fresh pic's of stony hills up in a day or so, had a dam good productive weekend at stony with Henry, Clint, Ewok, Monty & Sam ( haha sorry bro) right now tho it's chill time & Mike Parsi is hang'in in the spare room. Chill bro!

Mike P get'in attacked by Marley...while tack attack victim Dharcy holds her head in disgust!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

back to stony

stony, topside last summer.....fresh pics after weekend if i remember

ready grass'in


the wind sucks here in wanaka i'm off to stony hills to catch up with Henry for the weekend & roast some ...hopefuly it's not dam windy there to, dig trails & roast 'em up! Yeeeeeeeeeewwww

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

dirty tranny love'in.

Sion ain't no tranny & might be back this summer, arh arh rattie get yar grip on!
pic: JK

style cat Monty nac'in or airborn ballet...

Levi's nearly got these clicked

some bogan do'in a t-bog

an this to brighten up ya day, yup bring on the wet T comps!
pic: ?

the god dam notorious fuct up spring wind is back blast'in wanaka, it sux ass, good for kite surf'in, it's been none stop for 4 days now, lets hope not 3 months straight! It's sunny & there's dig'in to do. Mutiny's "lets get mystical" is so rad, i finally a copy, Robbo's styl'in it up, the vid is bang'in! I found a few pic's local ginger nut Si took of some kids on kids bikes do'in stunts @ Lismore, one day i'll take some pics..yeah right! Make good use of the hose at lismore kids, don't run it dry, look after those dubs & stop drop'in rubbish everywhere! Bin that shit or else ya dam fools....will someone please cut that tree down it's in the middle of a landings run out, so dodgy. Gimme a chain saw i'll do it!

Yes your gonna need a new trails calender soon! Manic man is back!.......yes i kno ya've seen the vid below & i only put it up a few weeks ago, but it rules....Villij is rad! It will be saddly missed by it's locals, Robbo, Frog, Deville, Joe, Gabe & anyone lucky enough to roll 'em, such inspirational woods .........good luck with the new trails guys, dig on! RESPECT!


if ya ain't been... ya ain't seen! There's loads to go "WOW" at!
photo's by James Keane with a shity Nikon digi & adidas aviator sunny's as a filter, except top shot by Elf of me sloggin it up Mt. Earnslaw.......we humans are nuthing live it up!!

this kid shreds!

Tom Dugan ain't no bogan man....dam he's got somelines at d T-1 ramp holy old is this shred beast? 10, 14 or 12? Who realy cares he's rad!

FU has a big bone!

this is FU

this is what FU did to a great white, he was hungry!

Fu, my dog is rad, 3/4 pug 1/4 jack rus, he's 5 years old, snore's like a drunk every night with out fail, sounds like he needs a astma inhaler 24/7, is gett'in dam lazy, he does not like anyone gett'in close to his bone's when there almost as big as he is & he's got his teeth in 'em...check the vid & crank it up! I love Fu...he's a savage little beastie, he loves me too! THose who have meet FU understand him hahaha!

Lima kill'in it!

some lights in the woods raddness! Lima kill'in it & kill'in the telly is a dam good move, babylon box's are full a crap always.....UK summer roast'in is over! Have a good winter fellaz! Dig till ya drop!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

have a laugh

Billy T James rules! Ain't no one in NZ even close to Billy T's non PC kiwi steeze he rulz, he's been drop'in jokes on that god what's his name dude for almost 20 years & an his memory lives on! R.I.P. Billy T James!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Panamoka "help catty" Trail Jam

once ya get past the add, it's sweet trails footy from the Panamoka "help catty woods" trail jam. If ya don't kno what's up the boys at catty have got their woods all legit now & need to raise a heap a $$$$ to pay a (us) $10,000 bill, insurance i think, to keep 'em, so help out any way ya can boys & hit up PA Woods an by some T's for ya mates chrizzzzmizzz prezzies, catty is trail heaven & so dam rad, just ask Caleb. Oh those freaks in Florida @ Here For Kicks are back, the man shut their blog down now they're a .com, so no doubt they'll be load'in some XXXBMXXX R18 party'in, trail slaying, pyromania'n baterated naked tomfollery!