Saturday, November 14, 2009

stony tease'in


finaly sorted thru a few pics from last weeks roady to stony hills, no loose riding shots, no one ever rides them aye hahaa! Henry's had been busy put'in in the bad ass new irrigation system over the past week, springlers can be run right thru stony now & they got good pressure, gotta love the water pump it's it kicks ass! A heap more digging was done & when we got a break in the wind, it was tools down to roast some! Big ups to Henry & Kylie for the bed....i think i'll sleep in the hut more, Monty & I camped it & it's good waking up at the trails. Props to Sam, Ewok, Clinton & Monty for just being keen to help dig......i can't wait to get back....only goodtimes to be had man! So if ya wanna roll 'em see ya at the Stony Hills Trail Jam 25-28th feb 2010! Yeeeeeeew!

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