Wednesday, November 25, 2009

PA WOODS 10yr dvd's are coming!

Sam fall euro'in @ Catty

respect the rules!

Caleb kick'in it @ Catty

I've got a bunch a copies of the new PA WOODS 10 year dvd coming so first in first served, all proceeds go to help pay for insurance & leasing fee's at the now legit Catty trails! So if you've seen any PA WOODS dvd's or web vids ya kno ya in for a rad as treat! So get on to it diggers if ya want a copy (NZ ONLY), if needed i'll get Janis @ PA WOODS to send more, but 1st i'll see just how keen you kiwi trail heads are for some inspiration to dig trails ( an ride 'em ), so if ya want a copy e-mail: & i'll give you my bank account details so ya can pay ya $20, or post $20 in an envelope with ya address on it to:

P.O. Box 784

I've sold a few already so get to it or ya'll miss out!

if ya wanna help out a whole lot more buy a Catty Woods tee to from axlerad they've still got 'em on sale, same deal all proceeds go to the Catty trails fund!

So show ya respects an help these amazing diggers out, talk to Caleb he's been ,roasted, bruised his heals well good & even built some new stuff for 'em at Catty! That's respect & rad trails it's your turn to say "thanks for all the inspiration over the years" an to be inspired to DIG & KEEP TRAILS ALIVE!

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