Saturday, November 14, 2009

tramp'in & kea search'in

Micheal's loving his water falls hahaha & NZ!

went for a good 'ol walk into the mountains with Micheal to take in some of Mt. Aspiring Nat. Park's beautiy & to find some elusive Kea to heckle our cheeky native parrot's, there's always a bunch of 'em up Rob Roy...but none to be seen the whole time we were up Rob Roy Valley, a little weird, scary really as Kea numbers are droping, some say it's the possum & alot more peeps these days are blaming the use of 1080 .....way to much 1080 get's dropped around here to try an control the possum that are a major prob to native wildlife & Flora....but every animal eats the cereal bait even Kea...... it kills everything! NZ is not so clean & green...DOC (department of conservation) condones 1080's use along with the NZ government as it's cheap & effective they say.....but at what cost? Pretty sad really! Put ya fist up & help stop the poisoning of paradise!

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