Wednesday, April 28, 2010

texan & kiwi tranny slay'in

hell yeah this is the SHIT! The 'ol vimeo rainy day dinner time search never lets me down, dudes going big so it deserves a big screen....47 seconds of T1 then it gets dirty, an if it don't make ya run outside, grab a shovel a dig some, you suck! Thanks to all the eastside diggers! Oh if ya don't get the full screen hit this or just get firefox forget microhard or is it soft? An Robbie's right this is so RAD!

On the NZ grassroots trails front there's a sweet vid of what went down at the Blenheim (SFABMX) trails jam last weekend, check it here, trains & goodtimes, i missed out! DAM IT! By the way TRAILS kickass they ain't no trend that's here today & gone tomorrow! They've always been there & they'll always be there! Go fast & roast! Up north (above Auckland some) a bunch a tranny slaying stunt fiends got bad ass on blue grooved tranny's at Woodhill with little kids bikes then jumped on big kids bikes then back again to little kids bikes & kicked some ass, confused?

Basically 20'ers were not allowed to enter the NZ Dirt Jump Open, lame. Didn't BMX'ers invent those tricks, hell yes! Pollatrics man, fuel for that fire hahha! Bikes r bikes & dudes on 26" MTB's go big & do some cool shit but dam it just always looks way more RAD on a 20"! So the compromise it seems was that BMX'ers were allowed to enter the best trick comp & they cleaned up! Jed's double whip 3 took the 1st! Yeah Jed! They didn't stand a chance haha! If ya wanna kno more read some'a'this. Everyone had a rad time & that's what counts! Peace & love man!....Bunny hop flairs WTF! Try that on a 26'' haha! Goggle it!

Jed whip'in good'n'large
(best pic i've ever seen up on spoke)

Dirty South fow life dudes...while broken over summer Luke got busy with a tiny as HD camera & the finished vid is rad! I gotta get a HD cam i think! Goodtimes on big bikes & little bikes....can ya spot Searlie & Doyle ruling it, bring back summer!

Monday, April 26, 2010

ghetto mini & accelerate

Pete's got a ramp, it's in doors, he lives with it & he's gonna get heaps a new friends this winter hahha! Lucky lad then ain't he & the rest of his buddies....rainy days will be spent blastin, but what about winter digs? And dam there's some wax on those walls, this beat junky's gonna tear any good ones down for sure!

Lowell look'in busy with a beer......

will ya look at that wax.....

the vinyl fools

Ben the toolman no doubt did all the hard work.....props to 'em....

that's some big wood ya got there Pete. Get a girl man, only splinters for ya if ya try do'n that "it's a bit ghetto Jimmy" safe Pete SAFE! Now about all that WAX.

the master bedroom view.....wake up & roll

wax sounds the best mang, digital just don't cut it!

Wanaka Beats 107.3 the o'ol "crooked edge show" with a dread at the controls Selecta G aka Greg Barnes & J Diggah.....those were the days. Grass roots communtiy radio, tune in while in Wanaka!

A BMX movie......i watched this other night, some of it's filmed at catty woods, some of the action is any way, an you thought Helltrack was the gnar HA! I'd pay to see dudes like Doyle, Homan, Moody (Crammer is Moody's stunt double) & the catty locals all blasting some a PA's finest on a huge screen, hell yeah who wouldn't! This movies gonna kick RAD's ass (i don't mean that, really i don't) It ain't chessy either this is, oh yeah some radical classic shit right here, i'm feeling like a living fossil right now cos i am! Check the Accelerate site out! I hope it makes it to NZ!

I meet a couple a swiss dudes at the trail jams a we while back, Tristin & ?, i suck with names anyway, real nice dudes, super chill, they shred & i think they had a goodtime in the deep south what do you think....

yup i'd be FIZZ'n on Reefton to! So need to roady it to Reefton might try it in one a these treddly campers, like sardine's man, check that dudes forks out, whoa old skool as

an here's dam good sweet as Texan roast up, hell yeah Al soo dam RAD!!!!

dude's in TX's condition their kids with prebike buggy flights, get's 'em ready to......

.......UK moto it like Lima does on TX's soil. Rad pic Rick

some a these & some a this

dam she's a wet one, not her ya filthy boys all the dam rain, 4th day solid non stop RAIN!

winters back then & so is Fuzilla? So ya kno what that means.....

winter projects.....trubmx summer threads soon come, more on these soon

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

ya wana ride dirt all winter?

Winter is fast approaching down here, mornings are frosty & days are shorter so it seemed like a good time to take a look at lismore public jump park, which has had no love for over 3 months & has been pretty trashed by ratty kids & big kids! Yup there's 2 taps & plenty a hose but no one really knows how to use a hose or broom for that matter, plain lazy & lame as! KEEP IT WATERED & DON'T RUN IT DRY FOOLS or it just falls apart! So yesterday Pete, Ollie & I got in there at about 10am with coffee, brooms, bmx's, tunes, new hose fittings an got stuck in! (it's amazing how people leave real quick when tools come out) By mid arvo we got to have some rolls till dark, a few beers & a dam goodtime! Whats real funny tho is how word spreads in a small town an everyone else turns up when the work is GAY, no homos allowed Ha!

this Saturday 24th April work bee @ Lismore! We all use this place so we need to keep it running sweet & tidy! Bring all ya folks BROOMS, RAKES, FLATHEADS & wheel barrows ie heaps a sweeping to do & crap to load into the wheel barrows/dirt to move to patch shit up/build up ie berms rollers etc etc

Most the lips are rounded off, ya get rattled to hell roll'in basicly this saturday we gonna get stuck in, fix some stuff up, plan the winter fix/new stuff, so all you WANAKA LOCALS come help out if ya wana roll some dirt all winter, or you'll be banned hahha nah we'll just heckle your ass's hard out! It won't be long now b4 Nath chains up the Gorge till next season! So pull that finger out ya ass dudes as that sk8 park is already getting mad permafrost in the bowls already now that's scary shit & it's still only April so it's gonna get worse. See ya this Saturday @ lismore, bring brooms, rakes, shovels, flatheads, wheel barrows (yes i've already said this) & that way ya can't say "there's nothing for me to do cos i ain't got a broom/rake/shovel blah blah" (but i ain't said that already). Weather for sat is looking drizzly/rainy, perfect....bring ya swany, we'll be there till dark, tunes blastin......

ahere's a few vids to give ya a little inspiration (like you should need it) to get ya to put ya back in to it! Goodtimes......the only reason to dig? RIGHT!

do yo believe in the sasquatch? his shit is real? Smells real?...most prob even tastes real!

an if it's to dark to dig.....all ya need is lights in the woods & more coffee to get it stacked!

Friday, April 16, 2010


JJ from SFABMX mentioned they were gonna have a jam soon & here's the date Saturday 24th April if ya don't all ready kno! I have no idea were they are except Blenhiem somewhere, but we'll sniff 'em out aye. Fingers crossed for good weather.... so it's a roady west coast via Reefton. Here's the footy from last years jam to get ya psyched!

an a bit lower on the mainland CHCH's Sam Minnell's got a sweet web site Sam Minnell Photography i had a nosey thru it last night, look'in good dude good luck with it all! Sam's had a few pic's in those Ozzie BMX mags' 20/20 & Rebelyell so here's a tease if ya ain't seen his money shots hahha!

click on the pic's if you wanna kno who they are, captions are over done!

an over the ditch in OZ there be a couple a vids from the 666 melbs 2 brizy trip, there's some trails action in both vids & a heap a park'n'street going on! The shredders: Ryan Sher, Hoang Tran, Raphael Jeroma-Williams, Tom Fordyce, Macca, Matt Lawton, Jase Bann, Scott Greentree, Chris Harti, Cam Pianta, Mike Cz and more.

Scott Greentree keeps it Natural mang!

an this is real dam nice from derelict BMX you can even be a fan on facecrack!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pretty Shady Deluxe leftovers

Seen this up on pretty shady, rad left overs, yes "Welcome to Deluxe" is out, buy a copy its soooo dam good & full of Patrick best's amazing film'in steeze, lush green UK woods at their best oh yeah an loads a sweet trails getting roasted up! Mark Noble who own's deluxe is a rad as dude, he helped us out with a bunch a nice loot for the stony jam & Mark also let us have the world premier of this sick trails dvd, such a privilege for sure! Deluxe frames sure are dialed! I must get one!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

the title says it all.

Ross & Joel (the water ute boys) mished over from the Gold Coast of OZ for the stony jam a while back an went on bit of a tiki tour around the mainland while they were here in search a dirt to ride, here's some of what they found. Catch you sometime in OZ boys! Keep digging & building those trails!

an a massive farewell goes out to Ian aka P-Haze, his golden "Stricker" Betty & an all those bang'in beats. It was rad as hell hang'in out with ya dude, cheers heaps for all those dope sundays ya came an spun wax at Kai Sunday Sessions, goodtimes! All the boys around here are sure gona miss ride'n with, ya bad ass banging dubstep & that cheery Scottish vibe laddy, ride on & have fun in Vancouver mang! Yes that's the Air bag on the trailer.

an while Stoney was in NZ he...

sat on a stone

hugged a stone....... Moeraki Boulders if you don't kno

got busy with a flathead at stony. He was bikeless, but still helped out

yup Stoney at Stony....."i'm missing my shovel tho"

this is what Stoney's done with his shovel. So rad, one my fav vids for sure.

Stoney didn't get to see this last week tho
the southern lights above crompton aka cromwell. Some dude took a better photo off it than me, my camera sucks it was as good from Wanaka, amazing!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Autumns here..... the rain, finally

Not alot going on around wanaka, it's been dam cold, i hate snake bites mang even with 110psi, i'm cursed haha! The fam & i have been catching rainbow trout mmm an the body aches from frosty mornings.....shroom season is on! Oh an welcome back to NZ for 'ol Pete now a kiwi resident...... so are ya gona burn ya UK passport dude? So b4 the weather turns completely crap everyone around here is down with chill sessions at the skank park, last rolls at the gorge, a little digging, an checking out a mad air show that happens every 2 years, wanaka sounded like a dam war zone! So heres a few random pics & some sweet trails footy!

Marley's got his line on. "Um why havn't i got a fish yet dad" haha rule number 1 son "good fisherman have patience buddy"

an now the rains a coming............dig'n season yo! relish it & stack it up!

trails are still not finished but theyre getting there!

old mate getting the lawns done...............

never ending line, would you passout, puke or just plain eat it doing 8's for an hour?

La Source trails look sooo good, hit the pic to check the 6min vid up on Soul BMX

I meet Jesse & his boys from (OZ) @ the stony jam, here's there trails, Jesse roast'n

Jesse rock'in a condor......

Jesse getting amongst a tree, look out 4 drop bears while in OZ.......

speaking of OZ, Carters red monsters get'in a good roast up in this vid, sick

Lowell love............

lock & load..............

thats a big plane aye.........

Garret's so terrible, nac @ eastside

Easter Sunday Edit 2010 Mike Brooks

Boyd kick'in it some, looks like a nice sunny day in the UK, i heard it just rains all the time?..........dig for victory

man on kids moto?

lush Lake Hawea, NZ

Jimmy & Ricky training.....

almost Salvador Dali.............tunnel beach, Dunedin...........

Sean Sexton kick'in it some at the gorge.

the keane kids, such little ratties.

Guiri sent me this ages ago, dam nice pic of Kevin & Stefan, Malaga

Mark sent me one of these rad eye work out T's by Deluxe, buy one here

I spotted this on the inside a the deluxe t, very cool & it's organic cotton, so green.

Marley's on the job, giving dad (me) the roll'in pin?

Dave Davidson gettin up a sweet bank

Tim Hales, tabo R.I.P dude!

remember these dudes? Shit i saw this on the big screen when it came out.

TX training...braaaaup

Searlie........roast'in the crap outta Cam White's yard!

catty woods from spy satellite........

an what a lovely smile Kortnie has................

jimmy getting a bit crossed up........

secret digs in OZ...yeah Tim

Lake Hawea is crystal clear.

seen this up on SFA, the Kink team doing it for "what now", Chris with a amused face "what's up with danger boy"