Tuesday, April 20, 2010

ya wana ride dirt all winter?

Winter is fast approaching down here, mornings are frosty & days are shorter so it seemed like a good time to take a look at lismore public jump park, which has had no love for over 3 months & has been pretty trashed by ratty kids & big kids! Yup there's 2 taps & plenty a hose but no one really knows how to use a hose or broom for that matter, plain lazy & lame as! KEEP IT WATERED & DON'T RUN IT DRY FOOLS or it just falls apart! So yesterday Pete, Ollie & I got in there at about 10am with coffee, brooms, bmx's, tunes, new hose fittings an got stuck in! (it's amazing how people leave real quick when tools come out) By mid arvo we got to have some rolls till dark, a few beers & a dam goodtime! Whats real funny tho is how word spreads in a small town an everyone else turns up when the work is done...so GAY, no homos allowed Ha!

this Saturday 24th April work bee @ Lismore! We all use this place so we need to keep it running sweet & tidy! Bring all ya folks BROOMS, RAKES, FLATHEADS & wheel barrows ie heaps a sweeping to do & crap to load into the wheel barrows/dirt to move to patch shit up/build up ie berms rollers etc etc

Most the lips are rounded off, ya get rattled to hell roll'in in.....so basicly this saturday we gonna get stuck in, fix some stuff up, plan the winter fix/new stuff, so all you WANAKA LOCALS come help out if ya wana roll some dirt all winter, or you'll be banned hahha nah we'll just heckle your ass's hard out! It won't be long now b4 Nath chains up the Gorge till next season! So pull that finger out ya ass dudes as that sk8 park is already getting mad permafrost in the bowls already now that's scary shit & it's still only April so it's gonna get worse. See ya this Saturday @ lismore, bring brooms, rakes, shovels, flatheads, wheel barrows (yes i've already said this) & that way ya can't say "there's nothing for me to do cos i ain't got a broom/rake/shovel blah blah" (but i ain't said that already). Weather for sat is looking drizzly/rainy, perfect....bring ya swany, we'll be there till dark, tunes blastin......

ahere's a few vids to give ya a little inspiration (like you should need it) to get ya to put ya back in to it! Goodtimes......the only reason to dig? RIGHT!

do yo believe in the sasquatch? his shit is real? Smells real?...most prob even tastes real!

an if it's to dark to dig.....all ya need is lights in the woods & more coffee to get it stacked!

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Anonymous said...

Dirty south blog is dead man, Sam mast have been to lazy to update or something... Dudsville.. Home of the lazy! :-)