Monday, April 26, 2010

ghetto mini & accelerate

Pete's got a ramp, it's in doors, he lives with it & he's gonna get heaps a new friends this winter hahha! Lucky lad then ain't he & the rest of his buddies....rainy days will be spent blastin, but what about winter digs? And dam there's some wax on those walls, this beat junky's gonna tear any good ones down for sure!

Lowell look'in busy with a beer......

will ya look at that wax.....

the vinyl fools

Ben the toolman no doubt did all the hard work.....props to 'em....

that's some big wood ya got there Pete. Get a girl man, only splinters for ya if ya try do'n that "it's a bit ghetto Jimmy" safe Pete SAFE! Now about all that WAX.

the master bedroom view.....wake up & roll

wax sounds the best mang, digital just don't cut it!

Wanaka Beats 107.3 the o'ol "crooked edge show" with a dread at the controls Selecta G aka Greg Barnes & J Diggah.....those were the days. Grass roots communtiy radio, tune in while in Wanaka!

A BMX movie......i watched this other night, some of it's filmed at catty woods, some of the action is any way, an you thought Helltrack was the gnar HA! I'd pay to see dudes like Doyle, Homan, Moody (Crammer is Moody's stunt double) & the catty locals all blasting some a PA's finest on a huge screen, hell yeah who wouldn't! This movies gonna kick RAD's ass (i don't mean that, really i don't) It ain't chessy either this is, oh yeah some radical classic shit right here, i'm feeling like a living fossil right now cos i am! Check the Accelerate site out! I hope it makes it to NZ!

I meet a couple a swiss dudes at the trail jams a we while back, Tristin & ?, i suck with names anyway, real nice dudes, super chill, they shred & i think they had a goodtime in the deep south what do you think....

yup i'd be FIZZ'n on Reefton to! So need to roady it to Reefton might try it in one a these treddly campers, like sardine's man, check that dudes forks out, whoa old skool as

an here's dam good sweet as Texan roast up, hell yeah Al soo dam RAD!!!!

dude's in TX's condition their kids with prebike buggy flights, get's 'em ready to......

.......UK moto it like Lima does on TX's soil. Rad pic Rick

some a these & some a this

dam she's a wet one, not her ya filthy boys all the dam rain, 4th day solid non stop RAIN!

winters back then & so is Fuzilla? So ya kno what that means.....

winter projects.....trubmx summer threads soon come, more on these soon

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